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World Cycling Championship 2018

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Alejandro Valverde, the world champion in data

At LUCA, we wanted to make a small tribute to Alejandro Valverde to recognise his victory at the 2018 World Cycling Championship in Innsbruck.

Alejandro Valverde, the Spanish cyclist who has won the most championships to date, earned the coveted gold medal at the World Cycling Championship, on the toughest route at international level. The race was very hard, consisting of a 258.5km route with a 4,500m course with varying levels of altitude and 9 ascents to the finish line. Alejandro Valverde´s victory was shaped by an exciting ascent to the final peak of the championship, and with just 300m left to go, he pushed for one final sprint to line.

In the following visualizations we share the metrics of this exciting race.

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