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As thought leaders in the space of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we like to share our perspective with industry experts, clients and consumers.

Our team of leading Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Business Leaders do this on our blog as well as providing a more academic view in the form of White Papers. These research publications allow us to uncover the latest trends – providing the best possible products and services to our customers. Find out more below:

Responsible AI by Design in Practice

Responsible AI by Design in Practice

In this Whitepaper we address, as the main theme, minimising the risk of undesirable consequences of AI through the discussion of a practical case of a large company currently implementing a companywide methodology.

Six challenges for Artificial Intelligence’s sustainability

Learn to create a bot easily

Bot, chatbot, talkbot, conversational assistant… there are different ways of naming programs capable of communicating with people as if they were also human. They can be designed in any programming language and function as a client, as a server or as a mobile agent, and more. Being able to learn from us and make decisions based on the information we provide them. Artificial intelligence systems that simulate a conversation with a person using natural language, and are relatively easy to create.

Six challenges for Artificial Intelligence’s sustainability

Six challenges for Artificial Intelligence’s sustainability

With AI on the rise, it’s key to understand what challenges both societal and ethical,surround this technology. Through understanding them, it is easier to ensure good and fair practice of AI. Many governments are aware of this, and have already set up initiatives to discuss these issues.

Understand artificial intelligence

Surviving the Al Hype – Fundamental concepts to understand artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topic out there at the moment. To understand what we read in the press and on the internet, it is important understand some of the “AI basics”, which are often lost in the midst of AI hype out here at the moment. By understanding fundamental principles, you will be able to make your own judgment on what you read or hear about AI.

Data as a Force for Good

Data as a Force for Good

This whitepaper aims to give an overview of the possibilities of Big Data in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The dramatic increase in the quantity and specificity of data available in recent years makes Big Data a valuable tool to address the key global problems. In line with the SDGs, the final aim of using this data is to save lives and benefit our society.

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