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Geolocation data set with Statiq’s technology

Statiq a 100% Telefónica owned company powers decision making by applying the power of network operator data to create products that bridge the digital marketing and telecom ecosystems, while preserving consumers privacy. Statiq utilises location data generated by millions of users through their use of GPS enabled smartphone applications, as well as information generated from Telefonica´s mobile networks.

Statiq also empowers data monetization in multiple markets for Telefónica globally. Built upon the highest standards of GDPR compliance its location data solutions deliver highly scalable telco-verified analytics and measurement tools for global advertising partners such as agency trading groups, global brands and telco operators.

Through its suite of products and integration with the key ad-tech and mobile location and behavioural advertising players in the market Statiq is able to provide answers to the many questions that marketers, retailers and professional service companies are asking about their consumers.

An unparalleled sample: we can get a more significant sample than any other traditional source, thanks to the thousands of devices that generate millions of data points each day on our network.

Privacy is key for us: Built on the Highest Privacy Standards

Statiq technology uses stringent carrier-grade privacy and security processes to maintain the highest possible standards of consumer privacy. Its anonymization framework transforms mobile device and location data to prevent any possibility of consumer identification and ensure GDPR compliance.