A smarter retail design, even knowing the number of visitors to a store


Bringing retail
to the clients

Find the best location, optimize your point of
sale and know the impact of the campaigns.


Using Big Data technology, LUCA Store offers detailed information about the movement of visitors both within the shop and in the area of influence of the mobile network. Data that we combine with figures from your business allows us to analyze the potential of your points of sale, identify your most valuable clients, and retail design actions aimed at improving your capture of clients and in-store value.

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  • An unparalleled sample: we can get a more significant sample than any other traditional source, thanks to the thousands of devices that generate millions of data points each day on our network.

  • Positioning of profiles: specific locations to capture the desired target and get to know the profile of the audience.

  • Point of Sale Optimization: greater conversion ratio of potential clients into real consumers.

  • High impact marketing campaigns: we help retailers to understand and optimize the impact of their marketing campaigns in order to target their regular and potential clients.