Strategic Consulting

Transforming data into value for your business

We can set out a Big Data and AI strategy so you can begin making smart business decisions

Strategic Consulting

Transforming data into value for your business

We can set out a Big Data and AI strategy so you can begin making smart business decisions

Big Data and AI Assessment 
Use Case Discovery


We help companies extract the value of their data by designing the path towards their digital transformation so decisions can be made based on the insights taken from combining their own data and external data.

Our aim is to define the steps for implementing the Big Data strategy that helps you reach your strategic goals by adapting to your customers’ new demands and needs.

How can we help?

We prepare a diagnostic to understand your company’s Big Data maturity and identify your current and potential capabilities and your business needs in different areas of action:


The necessary infrastructure and components to extract value from the data.


New methods and a corporate cultural change.


Big Data governance and the challenges involved with data management.

How can we help?

Quick Assessment

We evaluate your technological, organizational and Big Data governance maturity with forms that are easily completed by the corresponding employees.

After the analysis, we offer a dashboard with the current state of your company’s Big Data maturity, the main gaps and the steps needed to overcome them.

Talent T-Shape

We assess the data-related talent currently available within your organization through specific forms for different technical and business profiles and provide you with the results via an interactive dashboard designed for easier assessment.

Strategic approach
If your company’s goal is to complete a data-related digital transformation, we help you define a comprehensive plan with our Assessment methodology:

Knowledge of the company through meetings with different technical and business areas.

Initial diagnostic and current Big Data maturity level as the starting point.

A TO-BE proposal for technology, organization and/or Big Data governance.

A comprehensive strategic plan developed along with action plans corresponding to each strategic line in your company’s transformation.

We help your organization discover the opportunities where data analytics can bring your business value by following our Use Case Discovery methodology:

Discovery: Understanding and discovery

We work to understand your company’s goals, get information on available data sources and the existing systems and identify advanced analytics applications that meet your needs.

Prioritization: Strategic prioritization

Our prioritization methodology is based on technical/analytical feasibility and business impact criteria. We use prioritization to determine the order in which different use cases must be approached.

Deep Dive: Technical and business description

We offer details on the priority use cases in order to contribute the necessary technical and analytical knowledge to understand the scope and requisites of the tasks required to develop them.

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Would you like to know what you can achieve with your data?

Contact us and we’ll work so your data become your company’s differential value

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We know companies need solid, reliable and flexible platforms and tools for proper implementation and scalability of Big Data and AI projects.

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