Tools & Infrastructure

We adapt the technology to your needs

Choose the best technology for your journey towards smart decision making.

Tools & Infrastructure

We adapt the technology to your needs

Choose the best technology for your journey towards smart decision making.


Technology designed for you

Companies need tools and infrastructure to implement the Big Data use cases that allow them to make better decisions and enhance the use of their data and their customers’ data.

The benefits of choosing these services
Find out just how easy we make it for you to implement our tools and infrastructure service in your organization.

Within everyone’s reach

You no longer have to be a ‘techie’ to use Big Data tools. We’ve got the most advanced solutions within everyone’s reach.

No major investments

If you’re a bit low on resources, you can choose a configurable set of cloud-based data management tools on a pay-per-use basis.

Your own premises

We offer on-premise rollouts for larger companies with the resources and skills needed to manage Big Data at their own facilities.

Build your own model

For on-premise rollouts, designing the reference architecture makes it possible to create a roadmap for construction or migration to the new Big Data environment.

Qlik Sense

We complete the end-to-end offer with the visualization capabilities of the best visual analytics tool on the market and a disparate data multi-source associative model: Qlik Sense. With Qlik, a company can quickly and easily create striking and useful dashboards and business statistics with multi-device access so any user in the company can make fast business decisions.

The work with four families of Big Data tools to fully cover the data cycle:

Big Data as a Service:

The Hadoop Platform as a service to run Big Data use cases. With no need for any CAPEX investment and integrated with Telefónica Communications, Cloud and Security services.


A visualization platform within Telefónica-Cloud that offers visual analytics tools. Integrated with Telefónica Security Services.

NoSQL databases:

NoSQL DB as a service (MongoDB, Cassandra, Hive…) integrated with Data Protection and Privacy in OBs, Virtual Data Centres, Communications and Security services.

Governance PaaS:

Governance with the latest technology from the best partners. Implemented under the as a service model to extend Big Data use cases.

Activate your company’s transformation

Tools and infrastructure adapted to your needs

Other services for your company you may be interested in


We guide you through the digital transformation process with one key objective: to extract information from data to generate differential value all while understanding your business needs and the data you have.


We offer training for your professionals on new Big Data methods and technologies so they may be used as the foundation for your company’s digital transformation.

Data Analytics

We process data and apply algorithmic models to convert data into business knowledge so you can make the best business decisions.

Business insights

Our tools are designed to get valuable insights that allow companies to make the right decisions based on data.

Marketing and Advertising Solutions

We help you reach your marketing and sales goals by segmenting and customizing for your audience.

AI Solutions

We can help you define the necessary Artificial Intelligence strategy to optimize the user experience as they interact with your brand.

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