Data Analytics

From data to knowledge

We analyse all your company’s corporate data and apply algorithms to detect hidden patterns in them

Data Analytics

From data to knowledge

We analyse all your company’s corporate data and apply algorithms to detect hidden patterns in them

A key part of your corporate strategy

Our analytics services cover everything from understanding your business needs and implementing advanced analytics mechanisms to exploiting integrated Big Data and AI solutions that are just right for your company.

The analytics process

Each one of our analytics services is comprised of a series of well-defined phases of the analytics process.

Data Architecture

We create the necessary Big Data environments for your data storage and subsequent computing. At LUCA, we use the latest Cloud technologies such as AWS, GCP and Azure to develop our use cases.

Data Engineering

We collect and prepare the data for later exploitation. We unify and standardize all sources, analyse the quality of the data available and work with all kinds of APIs to guarantee model industrialization.

Data Science

We cover the entire data analysis process to extract insights, generate new variables and create the right analytics models for the particular use case and we do so by using machine learning and deep learning techniques and algorithms.

Data Science

Data visualization

We develop visualizations and dashboards using sales tools and in-house developments based on open software for simple presentations of the business insights extracted from the data.

Solutions for all industries
All industries


We help you reduce costs with solutions aimed at enhanced operational efficiency, increasing the quality of manufactured products and customer knowledge.


We help you meet your business needs with comprehensive customer knowledge and process optimization.


We offer you solutions at different levels of the value chain: drug research, production, distribution and marketing.


We offer you a range of services and solutions we’ve used ourselves so you can also boost the value of your data.


We offer specific solutions for the three major challenges facing the sector: customer acquisition, loyalty and risk as well as the entire business strategy.

Out-of-Home Advertising

We help you expand the scope of your marketing campaigns and identify your business target by offering detailed insights on the audience profile in a specific area or region.

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Industry 4.0

Administration and maintenance of the Big Data environment

Big Data Industry 4.0 Success stories

Optimising distribution with advanced segmentation

Big Data for FMCG companies
All our success stories
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