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“Businesses can find a great ally for digitalisation with Telefónica”

April 15th, 2019|

Interview with Ma Jesús Almazor, Chief Executive of Telefónica Spain, who talks about the big challenge posed by the digital transformation of many companies, as well as those who need to transform themselves to provide these services. Telefónica with the four pillars of the new company programme (relevance, revenues, returns, responsibility and motivation), is committed to offering a unique proposal supported by the best telefcommunications network and five major business areas; Among them, LUCA, the data unit of Telefónica.

Valencia Tourism organisesthe 7th edition of Urban Tourism Trends

April 9th, 2019|

The Valencia Tourism Foundation, in collaboratoin with EDEM Business School, has celebrated this day where top level experts in the tourism sector together with physisists, mathmeticians and analysts, have spoken about the importance of SIT and of its imminent implementation in small businesses and other companies linked to the tourism world. Miguel Nieto, industry head at LUCA, has participated in the round table to demonstrate the usefulness of the application of Big Data in a city like Valencia, based on specific objectives, in order to advance with more efficient and sustainable management.

Telefónica goups its B2B services in Telefónica Empresas

January 10th, 2019|

Under the new brand “Telefónica Empresas” the telco offers an integrated solution directed at big companies and SMEs. The client businesses will have access to the capabilities, services and solutions provided by the diverse units of business within the company such as Eleven Paths, Acens and LUCA. There is also an offer directed at large companies mas well as smaller ones in the public sector.

A hyper-connected world

January 8th, 2019|

The internet of things is a growing trend with increased interest and progressive growth, but it´s still a long way from reaching full maturity. The key to IoT is found in data, its extraction and its value.
Andrés Padilla, Director of New IoT Business at Telefónica, says that “At Telefónica, we are extending the capacities of our IoT services, including efficiency in energy, retail, mobility, and industry… with all the potential that gives to analytical technology, in the hands of LUCA, whose experience and differential capacities in this matter reaches a global level”.

Telefónica awarded three projects for its Sustainable Innovation Initiative

December 21st, 2018|

Telefónica has awarded three projects in the IV edition of its Sustainable Innovation Initiative (IIS). The winning projects address the most urgent challenges for humanity according to the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. The first winning project, Producing Right !, will be developed in Ecuador together with the BovControl startup, accelerated by Wayra Brasil, and the LUCA Big Data for Social Good team.

Movistar Team launches 2019 season with highest hopes

December 18th, 2018|

Men’s and women’s squads supported by Movistar announce their plans at Madrid’s Telefónica HQ to start their 40th year of activity. The brand’s Chief Data Officer, Chema Alonso, offered two demonstrations on the importance of Big Data and cognitive research in cycling, for both training planning and racing analysis. As a very illustrative example, data was shown on the intensity and speed figures reached by Alejandro Valverde in his World Championship victory in Austria last September. All information on the initiative is gathered at LUCA’s website.

Telefónica presents its sponsored data solutions in MovistarAds Argentina

December 18th, 2018|

Telefónica Argentina has presented a portfolio around mobile solutions that are commercialised by country by Logan, their strategic partner for mobile marketing topics. Based on sponsored data products, Data Rewards is about a solution that allows brands to assume navigation costs so that the target navigates and interacts more with the brand.

Wanted girl hackers

December 13th, 2018|

Given the difficulty of increasing the female presence among the new technological roles of the group, Telefónica has launched initiatives such as the second edition of the Girls Inspire Tech 2018 event aimed at daughters of company employees to ignite the interest of girls in jobs around the world of technology. “We must change the perception of technological jobs, working on technology is not being behind a computer, we can improve people’s lives and change the world,” says Olvido Nicolás, Brand Experience’s Director in the CDO area of Telefónica.

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