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Chema Alonso: “artificial intelligence has started to outperform human beings”

May 7th, 2019|

Chema Alonso gave a lecture during the Pilot Forum, organised by the Institute of Aragonese Development (IAD) titled “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for bad boys”.
A forum in which he has revealed the advances that are taking place in Artificial Intelligence, reaching to overcome human beings, as well as to address the importance of technology for businesses. Nowadays “it is impossible to think of an industry and to not think of technology”, stated Chema Alonso, “however, in this evolution and implantation of technology in businesses, there are certain barriers like the lack of talent. Technology is demanding that training centres and the way in which the professors are trained change drastically to adapt to new needs, especially of the technological world.

Tourism requires cultural change in order to adapt itself to the digital transformation

May 1st, 2019|

“The tourism sector requires a cultural change and a new way of working to adapt itself to the digital transformation, especially in some specific tasks”, stated Richard Benjamins, Big Data & AI Ambassador at Telefónica, at the latest event of the second edition of the “UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventure: Scaling Up”. “Tourism should be more creative, in the end the tourist is more connected, and therefore has more needs.They are the things which they need. However, the challenge which faces Columbia, as in all other countries, is that these initiatives are large-scale projects”, he concluded.

25 Big Data terms which you should know

February 15th, 2019|

To understand the art of managing large quantities of data, a good understanding of Big Data, and an understanding of its more technical terms is necessary. In this post the Business School of Innovation and Entrepreneurs shares 25 basic terms relating to Big Data, taken from LUCA’s Dictionary Datapedia.

The Telefónica Foundation celebrates the “Girls and Artificial Intelligence” day

February 10th, 2019|

The Telefónica Foundation put on the event “Girls and Artificial Intelligence” motivated by the International Women’s Day and Girls in Science. The main aim of the day is to increase professional aspirations and work expectations for the girls. Elena Gil, one of the 11 women concerned in the world of TIC, participated in a session of “speed working”, in which she shared her experiences and professional opportunities in the world of robotics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and technology in general.

Personalised advertising for TV, Movistar’s new bet

February 6th, 2019|

Natalia Barrera, Digital Consultant at LUCA Advertsing, told us that LUCA has already starting offering, in Spain, a concept known as Addressable TV, a method that is starting to be implemented in Latin America this year. “In a time where consumption through traditional means is changing, and is fragmenting more and more, the use of Big Data and technologies like this opens the door to the possibility of getting relevant information in an effective way”, she said.

Six visuals to understand how data transform sports

January 31st, 2019|

Technology, Big Data and analytics and their impact on the transformation of sport were the main focuses of the 8th edition of the Master’s Day in Sports Management and Management at the university. Pedro A. de Alarcón, Director of the Big Data area for Social Good and Sports Analytics, closed the event by sharing the need for data analysis and metrics in sport, such as cycling or football, through reliable and useful tools to help coaches improve athlete performance.

From hurricanes to mosquitoes

January 30th, 2019|

We collaborated with UNICEF Innovation on the Magic Box project in Colombia to develop an easy-to-use interface that connects surveillance data and uses our technically sophisticated modeling machinery to make epidemic forecasts. Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, Director of the Big Data area for Social Good and Sports Analytics of LUCA, underlines that “our objective is to model the spread of the Zika virus with human mobility patterns that can be obtained from anonymized and aggregated mobile data”.

12 great professionals respond

January 29th, 2019|

These twelve professionals of the technological sector have made a name as referents in the computing landscape. In this article they shared their trajectory and how they got to where they are. Among them, Richard Benjamins, Ambassador of Big Data and IA of Telefónica, shares his vision on the shortage of technical people with a profile in Artificial Intelligence, and the need to know how to use them in a responsible manner, and the study of various fields of application such as medicine, government or energy, for example.

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