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Telefónica awarded three projects for its Sustainable Innovation Initiative

December 21st, 2018|

Telefónica has awarded three projects in the IV edition of its Sustainable Innovation Initiative (IIS). The winning projects address the most urgent challenges for humanity according to the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. The first winning project, Producing Right !, will be developed in Ecuador together with the BovControl startup, accelerated by Wayra Brasil, and the LUCA Big Data for Social Good team.

Movistar Team launches 2019 season with highest hopes

December 18th, 2018|

Men’s and women’s squads supported by Movistar announce their plans at Madrid’s Telefónica HQ to start their 40th year of activity. The brand’s Chief Data Officer, Chema Alonso, offered two demonstrations on the importance of Big Data and cognitive research in cycling, for both training planning and racing analysis. As a very illustrative example, data was shown on the intensity and speed figures reached by Alejandro Valverde in his World Championship victory in Austria last September. All information on the initiative is gathered at LUCA’s website.

Artificial intelligence that can help you get digital jobs

November 26th, 2018|

Fundación Telefónica launches the Conecta Empleo platform to boost employability. It applies Artificial Intelligence solutions capable of tracking the most demanded positions in each province, adapting each profile to a broad catalogue of training in digital skills with more promise. At LUCA, we have collaborated on this initiative through the development of the Virtual Professional Counsellor, a chatbot that offers these personalized recommendations.

Experts reject the idea that artificial intelligence will reduce employment

November 26th, 2018|

In the VI Congress of BigData Castilla y León, experts such as Richard Benjamins have rejected that the implementation of big data, data analysis and artificial intelligence, along with the introduction of robotization, is going to result in a loss of employment, but rather that it will change the profile of workers that companies require.

See Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity

November 26th, 2018|

Telefonica’s AI ambassador Richard Benjamins addresses the common fears surrounding artificial intelligence. He explains these misconceptions to give a clear and fair commentary on the topic, using his expert opinion to address frequent concerns about AI including the taking over of jobs, the future, and data privacy.

Big Data is already a proveable reality

November 24th, 2018|

Luis Fernando Almansa, responsible for infrastructure and tools of LUCA, participated in the VII Night of Telecommunications of Castilla-La Mancha, where he shared the great possibilities Big Data offers to many companies. Now we have much more powerful tools to develop solutions that meet the needs of these companies and solve problems, turning them into data-driven companies.

The dangers of letting algorithms make decisions for you

November 23rd, 2018|

Decisions previously taken by humans are today taken by artificial intelligence systems. The use of these systems can also lead to risks, as indicated by Richard Benjamins, AI & Data Ambassador at Telefónica, “data is a reflection of reality, if reality is prejudiced, the data is too”. Therefore, experts like R. Benjamins claim transparency and explanation of the training model and principles are responsible for the use of AI.

“Big data is necessary to be more efficient and improve productivity”

November 22nd, 2018|

Richard Benjamins, AI & Data Ambassador at Telefónica, participated in the Big Data Valencia Congress, where,in this interview, he stressed the value of Big Data for society, in our mission to be more efficient and improve the productivity within a country; without forgetting its value to promote projects such as the Big Data for Social Good area of LUCA, digital education, the control of epidemics, responses to natural disasters and even to measure the air quality before emergency protocols due to contamination. This is the mission of the Big Data for Social Good area of LUCA.

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