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From hurricanes to mosquitoes

January 30th, 2019|

We collaborated with UNICEF Innovation on the Magic Box project in Colombia to develop an easy-to-use interface that connects surveillance data and uses our technically sophisticated modeling machinery to make epidemic forecasts. Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, Director of the Big Data area for Social Good and Sports Analytics of LUCA, underlines that “our objective is to model the spread of the Zika virus with human mobility patterns that can be obtained from anonymized and aggregated mobile data”.

12 great professionals respond

January 29th, 2019|

These twelve professionals of the technological sector have made a name as referents in the computing landscape. In this article they shared their trajectory and how they got to where they are. Among them, Richard Benjamins, Ambassador of Big Data and IA of Telefónica, shares his vision on the shortage of technical people with a profile in Artificial Intelligence, and the need to know how to use them in a responsible manner, and the study of various fields of application such as medicine, government or energy, for example.

AskTheExperts: The Benefits of GDPR

May 22nd, 2018|

With Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect this month, Richard Benjamins (Telefonica’s Data and Artificial Intelligence Ambassador) and Richard Merrygold (Director of Group Data Protection for HomeServe) discuss the benefits of GDPR in this podcast.

Richard Benjamins: The challenges of working with data

May 20th, 2018|

In this podcast, Richard Benjamins (Telefonica’s Data and Artificial Intelligence Ambassador) goes into depth on the ongoing challenges in the data sector. As a data expert and one of the 100 most influential people (DataI1 100), he explains the evolution of data, the future of the Chief Data Officer position and many more things.

Madrid is set to be the capital of Big Data for Social Good in 2018

May 18th, 2018|

Big Data for Social Good 2018 is an event launched by LUCA, Telefonica’s Data Unit. The aim is to design a space to debate and discuss new ways to prepare for natural disasters and fight climate change. The core idea is to create and analyze data-driven decisions that cam help to improve the response mechanisms for future catastrophes. The event brings together an exceptional list of speakers from organizations such as FAO, GSMA, Data-Pop Alliance, DigitalGlobe and Unicef. Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefonica, and Elena Gil, LUCA’s CEO, will also form part of the event’s schedule.

ProFuturo, UPSA y Telefonica join together to look for the “algorithm of quality education”

May 15th, 2018|

ProFuturo, Telefonica’s Chairs Network and the Pontificial University of Salamanca have signed an agreement to launch a pioneering Chair to apply analytics, carry out research and develop technologies in order to make the most of the data created by ProFuturo’s educational projects in Latin America, Africa and ASia. As such, the aim of this collaborative project is to find the “algortihm of quality education”.

Smart wheels that accelerate business

May 15th, 2018|

Engineers from Telefonica’s R+D center in Boecilo have designed LUCA Fleet, an application for the management and security of vehicle fleets. The new tool from LUCA’s portfolio uses a cloud-based platform to aggregate and analyze data about the fleet, including the most common routes, consumption, driving behavior, popular points of interest or maintenance. This allows for a complete, simple and intuitive analysis which includes a system of alerts, predictions, trends and recommendations. This gives autonomy to the client for its use, consultation and interpretation. It is a Big Data solution that offers an analytics and visualization layer that can directly impact decision-making and setting new objectives.

Movistar Riders and Telefonica launch the Movistar Riders Academy, a school for eSports gamers

May 10th, 2018|

The Movistar Riders eSports team and Telefonica present the Movistar Riders Academy, an academy that will train eSports players and help promising young talent who are starting out in League of Legends and Clash Royale. The aim is to contribute to the growth of eSports and improve the performance of the players with the help of LUCA, Telefonica’s data unit, and the application of Big Data.

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