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Make better informed risk decisions when using mobile channels for one-time passwords

Account Takeover Protection from LUCA protects your customers if, for example, they are asked to validate a transaction with a one-time password sent to their mobile device. The service gives you real-time insight into whether the call divert function on a customer’s mobile device has been activated, and the recency of any sim swaps.

You can then decide whether you’re dealing with fraudulent behaviour and if any further step-up authentication is required.

If a customer’s mobile account has been taken over, you can act before the fraudsters can do things like withdraw funds, change passwords or set themselves up as a new beneficiary for any payments.

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Benefits for you

  • Reduces account takeover fraud where mobile channels are used for two-factor authentication.

  • Protects both SMS and voice channels, making one-time passwords more secure.

  • Provides real-time data insights, so you can make better informed risk decisions.

Benefits for your customers

  • Greater protection from account takeover protection fraud.

  • Delivers peace of mind and convenience, with additional security for all one-time passwords sent via SMS and voice channels.