Optimizing the entire supply chain at pharmaceutical companies

Discover things you didnt know about your current and potential customers to improve your company’s marketing and financial results


Big Data and AI in the pharmaceutical sector

From research to the commercialization of a new drug, we help all stakeholders involved in this process transform their organizations in order to optimize their production and sales all while adapting to market needs.

In a highly competitive context heavily marked by regulatory demands, having the capabilities provided by new technologies like Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT is essential to stakeholders in the pharmaceuticals sector so they can gain a competitive edge by maximizing the value offered by data.

Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies

By streamlining the research and development process for a new drug, making their distribution processes more efficient and enhancing their sales and marketing strategies, companies in the pharmaceutical sector can meet their business needs, overcome difficulties that arise due to the competition and adapt their offers to patient needs.


Optimizing research processes from the earliest phases all the way to clinical trials.


Smart resource and production management by implementing sensor systems at manufacturing plants (industry 4.0) and demand forecasts.


Analysing and optimizing distribution operations to reduce delivery times, costs and the risks associated with the process.


Improving sales and marketing strategies with advanced analysis of patients, distribution systems and drug characteristics.


Consulting and Analytics

We do end-to-end Big Data and AI project management starting with strategy definitions to deployment in all levels and areas of a company.

Cultural Transformation

We offer training programmes for technical and business profiles to adapt your employees’ methods and skills to the new data-centred culture.

Business Insights

We work with the pharmaceutical sector to provide unique insights based on anonymized and aggregate telco data from +350 million customers in our mobile network which define the population’s movements and habits.

Technology, Infrastructure and Security

We make a whole ecosystem available with Big Data tools and technologies, infrastructure and security for proper data management.

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