Intelligent Fleet Services with Big Data

Fleet management

IoT and Big Data
for fleet management

We provide detailed information about
resources, routes and efficiencies.


LUCA Fleet rises to the challenge of covering the lack of analytics and Big Data associated with the assets of rental companies, large companies with a fleet of vehicles and courier and logistics companies. Here, the ability to track and the intrinsic characteristics of each sector mean that the intelligent management of information generated by each individual vehicle fleet is vitally important.

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  • Greater security for the driver and for the passengers/goods, to better understand driving habits and to have a greater control over the maintenance of each vehicle.

  • Improvement in productivity, to control usage times, to plan optimal routes, to locate the position of the vehicles in real time, to control rest periods and possible incidences of fatigue.

  • Improvements in efficiency and cost reductions, to optimize routes, reduce delivery times for clients, reduce fuel consumption and reduce periods of inactivity.

  • Prediction of future faults or wear and tear of components, to improve the planning of maintenance tasks as well as the detection of possible causes of fraud.