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Data Day 2018

The event focuses on data in Spain where the success stories of the data-centric companies are shared by speakers who are taking part in the data revolution in the most innovative companies. Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefónica, will offer his paper “From Big Data to AI: A data-centric Strategy leads to AI”, as a sample more of how the data-centric companies that are carrying out the data revolution.

February 14, 2019


DigitalXborder Zaragoza

A digital immersion program for CEOs, which will give global leaders from more than 25 countries, including Telefónica, an intensive learning experience. Given by Richard Benjamins, AI & Big Data ambassador of the company, he will explain the key tools that will allow firms to make decisions in a digital environment that continues transforming.

February 21, 2019


TIC Forum 2019

Once again Telefónica Business Solutions organizes the TIC Forum 2019 in Mexico with an agenda focused oround the importance of Digital Transformation for the country and companies, and the potential offered by Big Data. At Telefónica, we are pioneers in applying Artificial Intelligence technologies (IA) such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning that, combined with our consulting capabilities, infrastructure and advanced analytics, convert this information flow into valuable data for business. Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, will participate in the event with a presentation on the great potential of data in all sectors.

February 21, 2019


Field Trip Insurance 2019

An initiative supported by Evenet that will consist of two days of visits to some of the most disruptive companies in the insurance and broker industry in Spain, to identify and develop growth opportunities in a market that will be totally different in the next five years. A meeting aimed at educating, supporting and connecting the industry’s leadership and speakers such as Richard Benjamins, Data & IA Ambassador at Telefónica, who will present the space of big data and artificial intelligence in terms of business, risks and challenges.

February 18 – 21, 2019


Artificial Intelligence for functions orientated around the client

A new addressed to the whole community of CX as, among others, Richard Benjamins, Big Data & AI Ambassador for Telefónica, is creating a debate space on new advances and future trends in AI, its applications and analysis for the evolution of all its functions targeted at clients.

March 7, 2019


II UCAM Teleco Day

This second day, organizedby the Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering at the Polytechnic School of Murcia, aims to raise awareness among students of the importance of technological engineering degrees and the high employability generated by these degrees. On this occasion, the day will address the potential of technological fields such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can have on improving the performance of professional athletes. Antonio Pita, Head of LUCA Consulting & Analytics, will show the potential of Data Science when applied to sport with projects carried out from the Sports Anaytics area of LUCA as an example.

March 23, 2019


Digital Entreprise Show 2019

The leading event in digital transformation under the slogan of “Digital DNA for Augmented Organizations”, which unites the 450 best digital experts and 21,000 visitors in Madrid to analyse how technology is transforming business and shaping the future of industries. It´s a place in which synergy between knowledge and experience is found, and where Telefónica will also assist and a business reference in digital transformation.

March 21 – 23, 2019


FutureNet World

FutureNet World is an annual event that shares the toughest challenges facing operators, focusing on the latest technological advances, with a visionary analysis of the services that customers are demanding in the digital world. Richard Benjamins, Big Data & AI Ambassador at Telefónica, will participate in the paper “Examining how network automation and AI are enabling new models and digital business services through the use of data”.

March 26 – 27, 2019

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