Big Data conference and events


Migration and Cities: The journey towards an inclusive integration

The conference is organised in the context of the Platform for Migration and Forced Displacement, coordinated by the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) in order to advance the strategic dialogue and the operational coordination ahead of these emerging challenges on a global level. The Seminar will start with an introductuion by José María Alvarez-Pallete, President and CEO, Telefónica y he will talk with various panels of experts like that in which Elena Gil will be a part of, “Migration in action: innovation in the formulation of policies and public-private collaboration”.

March 20, 2019


Artificial Intelligence for functions orientated around the client

A new addressed to the whole community of CX as, among others, Richard Benjamins, Big Data & AI Ambassador for Telefónica, is creating a debate space on new advances and future trends in AI, its applications and analysis for the evolution of all its functions targeted at clients.

March 7, 2019


Field Trip Insurance 2019

An initiative supported by Evenet that will consist of two days of visits to some of the most disruptive companies in the insurance and broker industry in Spain, to identify and develop growth opportunities in a market that will be totally different in the next five years. A meeting aimed at educating, supporting and connecting the industry’s leadership and speakers such as Richard Benjamins, Data & IA Ambassador at Telefónica, who will present the space of big data and artificial intelligence in terms of business, risks and challenges.

February 18 – 21, 2019


TIC Forum 2019

Once again Telefónica Business Solutions organizes the TIC Forum 2019 in Mexico with an agenda focused oround the importance of Digital Transformation for the country and companies, and the potential offered by Big Data. At Telefónica, we are pioneers in applying Artificial Intelligence technologies (IA) such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning that, combined with our consulting capabilities, infrastructure and advanced analytics, convert this information flow into valuable data for business. Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, will participate in the event with a presentation on the great potential of data in all sectors.

February 21, 2019


DigitalXborder Zaragoza

A digital immersion program for CEOs, which will give global leaders from more than 25 countries, including Telefónica, an intensive learning experience. Given by Richard Benjamins, AI & Big Data ambassador of the company, he will explain the key tools that will allow firms to make decisions in a digital environment that continues transforming.

February 21, 2019


Data Day 2018

The event focuses on data in Spain where the success stories of the data-centric companies are shared by speakers who are taking part in the data revolution in the most innovative companies. Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefónica, will offer his paper “From Big Data to AI: A data-centric Strategy leads to AI”, as a sample more of how the data-centric companies that are carrying out the data revolution.

February 14, 2019

LUCA Events

Meet up: Towards responsible Artificial Intelligence

A place to debate about how fair the algorithms are that we apply to AI and that make decisions for us. Join our meetup communities Data Science Spain & IoT Analytics Spain and attend our upcoming meetups!

February 7, 2019


VI Funseam International Simposium 2018

This edition focused on the “Risks and opportunities of the energy transition”, will gather leading representatives in the energy world as they contribute their visions on the challenges to which, as a society, we must be able to respondwith the interest of creating a new model capable of uniting economic and environmental sustainability.

February 05, 2019


Winter School on AI: ethical, social, legal and economic impact

A forum for interdisciplinary discussion over a week that deals with the main topic of the impact of Artificial Intelligence systems on human behaviour and the ethical, social, economic and legal questions related to it. Richard Benjamins will participate on a panel “the creator of politics, media, and industrial perspective” during the second panel of the forum.

February 5, 2019


Technology, Big Data and analytics: transforming sport

The 8th edition of the Master’s Degree in Sports Management and Management of the UPF Barcelona School of Management will focus on the future of technology, the digital transformation of sports entities. Focusing also on the analysis and improvement of athlete performance using the data obtained in training. Pedro Antonio de Alarcón will speak about the importance of data analysis in sport in his presentation on “practical cases of technological innovation in sports”.

January 30, 2019


Hotusa Explorer – V Forum for Touristic Innovation

An open forum for dialogue and the exchange of knowledge that unites the business world, personalities and distinguished entities in the tourism sector. Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, will participate in a round table “Innovation as a competitive tool”. A debate about the dynamics of the tourism sector in the global economy and the new solutions and tourist products that are breaking into the market every day.

January 21, 2019


DigitalXborder Málaga

A digital immersion program for CEOs, which will give global leaders from more than 25 countries, including Telefónica, an intensive learning experience. Given by Richard Benjamins, AI & Big Data ambassador of the company, he will explain the key tools that will allow firms to make decisions in a digital environment that continues transforming.

January 17, 2019


Expert group on data exchange between companies and governments

Following an open selection process, the Commission appointed 23 experts for an Expert Group on data exchange between companies and governments, which will identify good practices it’s exchange, assess legal, economic and technical obstacles and give recommendations to the Commission to further develop this policy. The group is composed of independent experts with a high level of experience in the field, covering a wide range of areas of interest and sectors.

January 10, 2019


INTO 2018

The XIII edition of the INTO Seminar will consist of a meeting between Public Administrations, businessmen, professors, researchers and other experts from different areas, such as Álvaro Capell, Global Head of Big Data Consulting at Telefónica, in order to share and analyze the concept of the “internet of things” and its opportunities for the tourism industry. With the aim of promoting the transfer of knowledge and innovation through the entire value chain of the tourism industry, improving the competitiveness of the Balearic Islands.

November 29 – 30, 2018



The First International Meeting on Knowledge and Blue Growth with the main objective of boosting public-private competitiveness towards a circular economic model and sustainable development. It´s an essential meeting point between companies demanding technology, knowledge generators and technological agents such as LUCA, Telefónica’s data unit, with the participation of Pedro A. de Alarcón, Director of the Big Data for Social Good area.

November 29 – 30, 2018


Messaging & SMS World 2018

The event will celebrate high achievement within the world of messaging and SMS ecosytems, where our very own Tim Houlihan of Telefonica Germany will be taking part as a guest speaker to discuss global and regional opportunities of enterprise messaging.

November 27, 2018


III edition of the Ibero-American Public Leadership Program

The annual program aims to exchange knowledge and experiences, improve the quality and effectiveness of public policies and, in general, support the institutional strengthening of Ibero-America. This edition, in collaboration with BBVA and Telefónica, will involve Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, where topical issues such as administrative digitalization, governance, institutional strengthening, and sustainability, objectives included in the SDGs of the 2030 agenda will be addressed.

November 27, 2018


The data: Energy of the XXI Century

A meeting specialising in the analysis and interpretation of Big Data in all representative sectors of society. Among the speakers, Richard Benjamins, AI & Data Ambassador of Telefonica will participate, dealing with topics such as prediction and management of global crises: epidemics, natural disasters and prevention against climate change and Big Data in the construction of smart cities, among others. A meeting aimed at the identification of needs of society as problems and concerns are adressed through data.

November 22, 2018


Data Science Awards 2018

Synergic Partners, our company specializing in consulting and Big Data analytics, launches the Data Science Awards 2018 for the second year in a row. The aim of these awards is to recognize Big Data professionals,the best business initiatives and data journalism in this field, thus boosting the analytical talent in Spain. Participants have until July 15 to register, and until September as limit to deliver the projects, which will be later evaluated by a jury of experts and projects and winners will be presented in a final delivery ceremony.

November 22, 2018


The AI Summit

The largest technology and telecommunications event on the African continent, supported by AfricaCom, will take place in Cape Town. A meeting with the most innovative people who lead the digital transformation of Africa, and the place to discover the latest innovations in the industry. The event will have more than 400 exhibitors and 11,000 speakers, and will be the space to present the latest technological solutions in relation to the digital transformation of companies, business and social development and advances in Artificial Intelligence, among others. Richard Benjamins, Data & IA Ambassador at Telefónica, will attend the event as a speaker, and will talk about the latest developments in AI.

November 13 – 15, 2018


Data Transparency Lab 2018

The DTL global community has launched the call to apply for DTL scholarships for the development of privacy and transparency tools that ended on September 30. After receiving projects from 17 countries, the members of the jury will evaluate all the projects and announce the winners on November 15th. In this call, up to € 50,000 will be awarded in aid and the number of prizes awarded will depend on the amounts requested by the finalist projects.

November 15, 2018


Big Data Spain

Big Data Spain celebrates its seventh edition of the conference, dedicated to artificial intelligence, digital transformation, cloud and data analytics. It is aimed at software developers and architects, as well as executives of companies and institutions throughout Europe. Among the speakers will be Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefónica.

November 14 – 15, 2018


Things Matter 2018

One year on Telefónica is organizing the event Things Matter with the theme “To expand your possibilities” in Madrid. Because we believe that Things Matter as technology and HI connectivity give value to people and multiply our possibilities, allowing us to do things differently and optimise processes. Antonio Pita, Operations Director of LUCA Consulting and Analytics, will give a presentation on data governance. Are companies prepared to manage data and take advantage of its value?

November 13, 2018


DigitalXborder program

An intensive learning experience that offers CEOs of companies the key tools to facilitate decision making in a digital environment of continuous transformation. Among them is Richard Benjamins, AI & Data Ambassador at Telefónica, who will give information on the Artificial Intelligence course for Spanish SMEs.

November 8, 2018


Total Telecom Congress

This event brings together leading executives from across the communication industry such as Richard Benjamins IA & Data Ambassador at Telefónica to explore how telcos must evolve to stay relevant in the digital economy. 200 speakers will explore the most important challenges the industry faces; from digital transformation strategies to bringing the customer to the centre of your business models; and delivering 5G networks to the role of AI in the new communications economy.

October 30 – 31, 2018


Internet Governance Forum in Spain 2018

IGF Spain will celebrate the eighth edition of its Annual Conference, with the aim of providing an open and decentralized place for debate on policies that favor the sustainability and solidity of the Internet. Richard Benjamins, IA & Big Data Ambassador of Telefónica will participate in some round table discussions based on the annual report on Internet Governance in Spain.

October 29 – 30, 2018


Technological Forum of Soria

The forum of great experts in Neuromarketing and Artificial Intelligence, where we will see the applications of these technologies to companies and everyday life in papers such that by Richard Benjamins, AI & Data Ambassador at Telefónica, on “opportunities and challenges of Artificial Intelligence”.

October 26, 2018


Retina LTD 2018

The annual meeting for leaders in digital transformation designed for managers who want to deepen a strategic and global vision, accelerate change in their organizations and stay up-to-date on the latest technological trends. Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefónica, will also participate as a speaker in the morning session on the different spheres of digital disruption that impact organizations: strategy, organization and technology.

October 25, 2018


UN World Data Forum 2018

The forum organized by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority of the United Arab Emirates will host experts from around the world to discuss the ODS fixator by the UN by 2030. Pedro Antonio de Alarcón will be a speaker at the plenary session “Improving Migration Statistics – the way forward”, discussing the social needs presented by new migratory trends and how, thanks to Big Data, these challenges can be met and how migratory policies in different countries can improve member countries.

October 22 – 24, 2018


1st International Congress on Vulnerability and Digital Culture

A congress that seeks to foster an open and multidisciplinary environment aimed at academics, researchers, students and professionals interested in the thematic areas raised in a program that alternates interdisciplinary plenary sessions, with thematic symposia focused on specific aspects of vulnerability and digital culture . Among the participants is Richard Benjamins,Telefónica’s IA & Data Ambassador who will offer a conference on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives, with its ethical challenges, threats, and opportunities.

October 19, 2018


AI & Data Analytics

In Europe, AI & Data Analytics are being hailed to become the leading event in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. This one-day conference is organised by experts in Data and Artificial Intelligence and directed by technicians and business users in all sectors. A day with experts, among them Richard Benjamins (AI and Data Ambassador of Telefonica) in which each audience will have their specific track: Tech Track for IT professionals, and Business Track directed at executives, users and entrepreneurs.

October 18, 2018


Data Leaders Summit Europe

This summit takes place with the claim of being”the only conference for Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Scientists at Europe’s Biggest Brands”. Among the speakers will be Richard Benjamins, LUCA’s Data and AI Ambassador, and Pedro de Alarcón, Head of LUCA’s Big Data for Social Good area.

October 17 – 18, 2018


e-volution Congress 2018

The 6th edition of the E-volución Congress of Valladolid is an essential appointment to be up to date in transformation, business and digital communication. LUCA’s CEO, Elena Gil, will give her vision of data as the business of the digital economy.

October 10, 2018

LUCA Events

LUCA Innovation Day 2018

An event with the motto “Science without fiction, A.I. is not a fantasy anymore” where we will share the evolution undergone by LUCA, which shows a notable development in the last year. The day will focus on highlighting how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are already a reality applicable to any business thanks to multisectoral solutions and the roadmap of LUCA. What´s more, we will deepen the contrast between what we imagined it would be and what we have really achieved thanks to science and good human decisions based on it.

October 4, 2018


Smart Tourism in Gandía

Mario Romero, LUCA Operations Manager, will share the latest trends and advances related to the application of data in the tourism sector.

September 26 – 27, 2018


Data Leaders: Transformation Table

The theme of this roundtable is “Leading a Data-Driven Business Transformation”, and will explore the topics of data-centric cultures, innovation and analytics. Richard Benjamins, LUCA’s Data and AI Ambassador, will be one of the 25 experts who will share their knowledge and expertise.

September 25, 2018


Municipal Technology Fair MAD.RED

The City Council of Madrid organizes the first edition of the Municipal Technology Fair, MAD.RED. You will see how your city works from the inside, you will know the technology that keeps it moving, and the areas and districts will show you the most innovative digital services that make life easier for citizens.

September 21 – 22, 2018


InnovaTe Castilla y León

On 20th, 21st and 22nd September innovaTe will present the latest digital news in Burgos. For three days, Burgos will become the showcase for the latest technologies in terms of Big Data, IoT, LTE Nano, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, new ways of watching television and future networks. An opportunity for citizens and visitors to learn about new trends in the digital world, such as the solution of LUCA, the data unit of Telefónica, who will present the demo on air quality prediction development, thanks to the insights the data offers.

September 20 – 22, 2018


Big Data Strategy in Companies #DesarrolloDirectivo

An event to be held in Santiago de Compostela with the presence of Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, together with David Sánz, CDO of Everis, and Jorge García, Manager of the Analytical and Big Data Center of ABANCA. A debate on Big Data as a current business trend and its strategic approach to business transformation, considering the great benefits it offers in the business, in terms of business efficiency, elimination of overproduction and reduction of time to launch services, among others.

September 20, 2018


Data Debates

The event about how Artificial Intelligence is changing our economy and society, in an environment in which last digital transformation initiatives have changed our economy and daily life. A debate with the participation of Richard Benjamins, Data & AI Ambassador at Telefónica, and Ralf Herbirch, Head of Machine Learning at the Amazon Development Center in Berlin, which will raise issues such as future roles between men and machines in the future or how to manage this technological development socially and politically, among others.

September 11, 2018


Summit País Digital 2018

An event that will bring together national and international experts who will talk about Digital Transformation and important trends such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. This 6th edition the event will focus on digital transformation and associated change in different areas of society, with the participation of major industry leaders such as Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA.

September 4 – 5, 2018


Analytics Leaders Summit Thailand

EnigmaCG’s Analytics Leaders Summit returns to Bangkok, Thailand on the 28th and 29th of August. The event brings together key players of the industry under one roof to debate and discuss the latest trends. Richard Benjamins, LUCA’s Data and AI Ambassador, will be one of the experts to speak at the conference.

August 28 – 29, 2018


Latam Retail Show 2018

In this edition of the LATAM Retail Show 2018, the main topic is ‘the results of the successful transformation of business ecosystems’, with the objective of dealing with all the changes and new tendencies taking place in the retail sector and the vision of leaders of big companies such as Telefoniica, with the participation of Elena Gil, CEO de LUCA, on the panel of experts.

August 29, 2018


II World Congress of Smart Tourist Destinations

The World Tourism Organization together with the Government of the Kingdom of Spain and the Government of the Principality of Asturias organize this congress with the aim of leading and shaping new tourism models for the 21st century based on innovation, technology, sustainability, governance and accessibility. An annual meeting of international experts in tourism, including Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, will discuss the opportunities and challenges for the tourism sector. Particularly destinations, arising from the development, implementation and management of innovative products and services based on new technological solutions.

June 25 – 27, 2018


Chiefdata Officer Europe

Europe´s no. 1 meeting for Chief Data Officers will take place in London, UK. This event will be an ideal opportunity for those in the industry to offer useful insights, tools and techniques. The event will host speakers from noteworthy companies including Francisco José Montalvo (Director of Fourth Platform – Telefónica), and Richard Benjamins (AI Ambassador – Telefónica).It will also include sessions covering changes in the CDO role, creating a Data-Driven culture in the organization and much more.

June 19 – 20, 2018


Network Innovation Day 2018

The innovation event in the Telefónica network under the slogan “We are in”, will focus on how thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 5G and Safety we walk an innovative path revolutionizing all processes and technical infrastructures towards the digital future of our clients. From the neuralgic center of Telefónica comes the true transformation of the network, and it will be told by José Maria Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman & CEO of Telefónica, Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefónica, Enrique Blanco, Global CTIO of Telefónica and leading experts from the sector.

June 14, 2018


Open Expo Europe

Open Expo Europe is the largest Congress and professional fare on Open Source and free software and Open World Economy (Open data and Open innovation) in Europe. LUCA, Telefonica’s data unit, will take part in the important event with Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefonica and Richard Benjamins, Data & IA Ambassador at Telefónica. They will present projects based on the use of Big Data for social betterment; such as Pigram, the app that publishes to social channels without an internet connection, in times of emergency.

June 6 – 7, 2018


Roland Garros 2018

With the celebration of the Quarter Finals of Roland Garros 2018, Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, LUCA’s Head of Big Data for Social Good & Sports Analytics , will present “Sports and technology: how data can get to the best results” about how data can improve the performance of athletes, providing insights to help teams make better sports related decisions.

June 6, 2018


Discussion group about Artificial Intelligence and society

The first discussion group about artificial intelligence and society will address the social, judicial and ethical implications of the use of artificial intelligence in the private sector, public bodies and society in general. The conclusions that the experts reach will be included in the Whitepaper on Artificial Intelligence that will also include a diagnosis of the growing use of data in public bodies and businesses, Elena Gil, LUCA’s CEO, will form part of the panel titled ” the responsability of businesses in a hyperconnected society”, including the ethical and social compoonents that large companies ought to take on in order to develop a balanced and sustainable use of artificial intelligence.

May 31, 2018


OECD Forum 2018

The OECD Forum was created to discuss key economic and social challenges on the international agenda. This year the focus will be international co-operation, inclusive growth and digitalization, focusing on what brings us together, going from diagnosis to action and building bridges. Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA will be present as a speaker, presenting the latest innovations from LUCA to help companies become more data-driven.

May 29 – 30, 2018


Retina Vision: Techpreneurs

Attendees to this forum will get the chance to discover leading startups in areas such as artificial intellgience, blockchain and big data and get to know how large companies are using models of open innovation. During the event, Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, will give a presentation titled “Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship: The strategy of big businesses”.

May 24, 2018

LUCA Events

Big Data for Social Good 2018

The annual event of LUCA’s Big Data for Social Good area creates a meeting point and a space to debate one of the most relevant applications of Big Data’s more social aspect: disaster preparedness and preventing climate change. When Mother Nature reveals herself, we find ourselves facing incredibly uncertain times, where peoples’ health and quality of life is at risk. However, the analysis and decision-making based on data can allow us to have better responses and create more efficient plans of action for future catastrophes and the effects of climate change.

May 24, 2018


Strata Data Conference

Strata Data Conference returns to London. Expert speakers from around the world will share their compelling data case studies, proven best practices, effective new analytic approaches, and exceptional skills with an audience of data scientists, analysts, and executives.

May 21 – 24, 2018


Data + Decisions 2018

This event brings together data-driven experts to improve business decision-making. The conference will involve expert talks, practical workshops and panel discussions with international academic experts from ESADE and leading companies in the sector. The event will present the finding of the report titled “Big Data & Advanced Analytics: Adoption and Impact in Spain”. Over 100 companies have worked to create this report, which aims to offer an audit of the current initiatives in the world of Big Data and advanced analytics in Spain, as well as sharing best practices and use cases from those businesses who have successfully carried out data-driven transformations.

May 22, 2018


AWS Summit Madrid 2018

This summit is designed to bring together the Cloud Computing community in Spain in order to collaborate and learn about AWS. The event will consist in 35 sessions divided by theme onto 7 “Tracks”, including the talk “AWS: The most complete platform for Big Data”. The session will be introduced by Antonio Álvarez, manager of AWS EMEA, and will feature Chema Alonso in the keynote talk and Elena Gil, LUCA’s CEO, who will present AWS’ uses in Smart Steps projects and the benefits it brings when developing Big Data solutions.

May 17, 2018


Retail Business technology Expo

RBTE is the must-attend event for organizations in the hospitality and retail industry, who are looking for the best and most innovative tools and solutions to run their businesses in the best possible way. There will be more than 400 suppliers, a free conference programme featuring over 50 sessions with leading speakers and interactive features like the Retail Design Expo and Retail Digital Signage Expo which are co-located.

May 2 – 3, 2018


Conference: “BIG DATA: Generating value for businesses”

This event takes place in the Main Auditorium of the South Building at the Politechnic School of Engineering in Gijón. Elena Gil Lizasoain, Global Director of Big Data B2B in Telefonica and LUCA’s CEO, will head up the “BIG DATA: Generating value for businesses” conference. It is a conference that will touch upon the benefits and value added of the Insights extracted by Big Data solutions. In this way, businesses can become data-driven and start making decisions based on data. Thus increasing their competitividad.

April 25, 2018


CEAJE’s 1st National Tourism Forum

The Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurial Associations (CEAJE) celebrates the first edition of the National Tourism Forum in Madrid. Carlos Martinez, Global Go-To-Market Director at LUCA, will participate alonside other professionals from the sector and representatives of the business world in order to analyze the current situation of Spain’s tourism industry.

April 23, 2018


Forum TurisTIC

The companies attending the congress will learn what technologies, opportunities and advantages digital transformation brings to their business. Jordi Cubells will be among the speakers, with his presentation “Transforming the tourism sector with insights based on the user, thanks to Big Data”.

April 10 – 11, 2018


TIC Forum Colombia

Telefónica is organizing for the first time the TIC Forum, the most important business clients event of the year, bringing together business leaders and executives from the most important companies operating in Colombia. A space where new technologies and trends in digital solutions will be presented and in which Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, will participate as speaker.

April 11, 2018

LUCA Events

Big Data Innovation Day Chile

Big Data Innovation Day is the moment we wait for each year to show you our latest innovations and news in the last year in Big Data. In this edition, that will be held in Chile, they will present new launches, product innovations, case studies and LUCA demos in the country.

March 21, 2018

LUCA Events

Big Data Innovation Day Perú

This year we have celebrated the first edition, a year of growth and settling, because we want to be Big in Data. In this edition in Peru, new launches will be presented, product innovations, case studies and LUCA demos in the country.

March 20, 2018


Movistar MOVE Uruguay

Movistar announces the 4th edition of MOVE, its exclusive innovation and new trends in mobile technology forum, that will expand its reach this year into the gaming sector, promoting the development of eSports in Uruguay. For this ocassion, Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners, will be one of the featured speakers with her “Hugging Disruption” presentation. The presentation will focus on the revolution of Big Data and all the possibilities it offers in the development of Business Intelligence.

March 16-17, 2018


Second Edition of Big Data Talent Madrid

On March 15th, the Second Edition of Big Data Talent Madrid 2018 will take place, with the current situation of the Big Data Universe as a focus point. This event will join industry professionals from different companies, who will share their experiences and knowledge on the subject, talk about new trends and will reveal the professional opportunities and profiles most in demand for data-driven companies such as LUCA, Telefónica´s Data Unit.

March 15, 2018


Hack for Good 2018

This is an interuniversity event organized by the Telecommunications ETSI from the Politechnic University of Madrid. LUCA will launch two new challenges for the 1500 “ForGood” hackers and the 20 universities throughout Spain. These “ForGood” hackers will come up with innovative technological solutions in order to answer a series of social challenges with the aim of building a better world. In this way, LUCA joins Telefonica’s commitment to responsable business and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, supporting initiatives such as HackForGood in which data is a transformative element for society.

March 8 – 10, 2018

LUCA Events

MWCentre Barcelona

Coinciding with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Movistar Flagship store in Barcelona will hold two exciting events organized by LUCA in collaboration with Movistar Team and Movistar Riders. An initiative to display the value of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, showing their diverse uses in the sports sector.

February 26 – March 03, 2018


Mobile World Congress 2018

The world’s most important congress for the different sectors of the mobile industry, adressing themes of global technology and R + D platforms, that hopes to promote international colaboration on wireless mobile communications. Amongst other key speakers, José María Álvarez-Pallete López, CEO of Telefonica, will take part by presenting Telefonica’s latest innovations.

February 28 – March 01, 2018



EuroCIS is a leading trade fair for retail technology in Europe. An increasing number of solutions for addressing shoppers in a personalised manner will be on show. Telefónica NEXT will be there to showcase mobile advertising and retail analytics solutions.

February 27 – March 01, 2018


Family day 4.0: Should we be scared of machines?

During the day, questions will be addressed such as “Revolution 4.0” that cannot be kept far away from the family, that have to be seen as an opportunity to improve your life. Elena Gil will participate in the round table: Case studies of new business forms in revolution 4.0: Their applications for the family.

February 23, 2018



Under the slogan “Big Bang Data: The data explosion” for the seventh year, Telefonica is organizing the ITC Forum 2018. An event of reference for companies, businesses, and governmental organizations, where new technologies and telecommunication trends are presented. This year Big Data will be the main theme, displaying various case studies from companies who use the technology to help their business to grow and increase profits. With various experts in the field, the event will take place in various Central American countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

January 17 – February 08, 2018


Fitur – International Tourism Trade Fair 2018

FITUR, organized by IFEMA at the Madrid Trade Fair, presents another year of B2B meetings, with a varied attendance and a design that aims to encourage new contacts and commercial exchanges. Elena Gil, CEO at LUCA, will take part in the discussion titled “Benefits of Big Data applied to the tourism sector” at 1pm in the FITUR Know-How & Export stand.

January 17, 2018


Changing the Game Valencia

On the 14th of December, the latest Changing the Game with Big Data event will take place at the ADEIT University-Business Foundation in Valencia. At the event, we will focus on case studies from the transport, tourism and retail sectors, showing the diverse capabilities of our product portfolio.

December 14, 2017


Program – DTL Conference 2017

The event is DTL’s fourth annual conference and it will take place at Telefónica Headquarters in Barcelona. Industry leaders, policy makers, researchers, designers and media representatives are welcome to discover the last trends on data transparency and privacy. The Program will include panel discussions, workshops, app demos and Grants Program presentations.

December 11 – 13, 2017


Telefónica Business Revolution Day

Business Revolution Day is Telefonica’s annual event that puts digital transformation at the center of attention. It is designed to reveal the vision and capabilities that the company is able to give to its clients on their path to towards a digitial transformation.

November 29, 2017


IoT in Action 2017

At Telefonica, we want to include you in the beginnings of the digitalization of the physical world. Don’t miss out on this crucial event in order to find out the keys of this new paradigm.

November 29, 2017


Big Data: An exact science for decision making?

In this session, organized by the IESE Business School, various real case studies from LUCA, Telefonica’s data unit, will be presented. They will reflect on the contribution of Big Data to improving decision making. A presentation will be given by Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, and professor Roberto García-Castro, expert in Decision Analysis from IESE.

November 28, 2017


Demos 2017

The first edition of Demos 2017 is a yearly conference from the Spanish Association of Foundations. There are live interactive activities and many opportunities to meet new people and exchange ideas. Chema Alonso will take part and give a talk titled “Big Data for foundations”, in which he wil show how to manage the massive flow of data, which allows us to develop new ideas and take better decisions.

November 28, 2017


The 9th National Credit Congress

This event will showcase new tendencies, the latest legislation and disruptive practices regarding the granting of credit, risk evaluation, fraud and the management of portfolios and recovery, without forgetting how the digital world is transforming the market.

November 22-23, 2017


Big Data CyL

Telefonica I+D celebrates the fifth edition of ‘Big Data CyL’, an event with the aim of bringing together experts in the sector in order to share their experiences in the fields of analysis and the visualization of data, as well as resolving practical problems through the application of these fields. Among the speakers will be Elena Gil who will give her talk titled “connecting data with your business”.

November 22, 2017


Third conference “Impact Innovation Talks”

PWN Madrid and Telefónica Open Future_ will hold the third conference in the series of “impact Innovation Talks” on the 16th of November. It will inspire conversation and reflexion on advances, innovations and the future of entrepreneurship for women with a motive for celebration on this International Day for Entrepreneurial Women.

November 16, 2017


Big Data Spain

Big Data Spain is one of the three largest conferences in Europe about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technologies and Digital Transformation. An event organized by Big Data professionals for the Big Data industry from companies, such as Uber, Facebook, Spotify, IBM or LinkedIn.

November 16 – 17, 2017


Second conference on Andalucian intelligent cities: generating tools and intelligent processes for local administrations

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón will energize the second workshop: intelligence for quality of life and social good: its closeness with Big Data. Intelligent cities find themselves bound to another recent phenomenon, ‘the Internet of Things’, where every object around us is conected and capable of providing maximum information at any moment, about state and needs.

November 8, 2017


Session T+ “what we know about Big Data”

Each session of Temas (T+) will be made up of 3 presentations of 20 minutes, each one given by well-known Big Data specialists, amongst the speakers will be Elena Gil Lizasoain with ‘Big data: generating value in businesses and society’.

November 8, 2017


Big Data Conference: generating value in companies and society

During the diploma handing out cceremony at the Technologies of Big Data program during its first edition in 2017 in Madrid, Deusto Business School and Deusto Ingeniería have the pleasure of inviting you to the conference “Generating value in companies and society” given by Elena Gil Lizasoain.

November 7, 2017


MIT Media Lab Prizes

Elena Gil Lizasoain will be handing out prizes at MIT. The MIT panel on artificial intelligence, through the Spanish edition of their “MIT Technology Review” magazine, want to award ten Spanish innovators under the age of 35 with the best.

November 6, 2017

LUCA Events

Big Data Innovation Day 2017

The first edition of Big Data Innovation Day 2017, as well as the anniversary of the launch of LUCA, will outline the innovations in the value proposition and the portfolio of LUCA´s Big Data for corporate clients. It includes consultancy services, infrastructure capabilities and “as a service” tools, analytical capabilities and “business insights”.

October 31, 2017


Telco Data Analytics Europe

The event that inspires performance with intelligent data analytics, where Pedro A. de Alarcón and Andrés Vegas Aneiro will be the speakers from LUCA. He will emphasize how Big Data & Analytics can drive transformations in sports, gaining insights at both individual and team level, improving riders’ performance using the latest techniques in Machine Learning & Big Data.

October 24 – 25, 2017


Big Data Week Madrid 

A one-day conference focused on the social, political and technological impacts of data organized by Synergic Partners, a Telefonica company.

October 24, 2017


Sustainability: a key factor of competitiveness in the tourism industry

An International Conference that hopes to identify the key factors of Sustainable Development in the Tourism Industry. This aims to best promote the spreading of sustainable development, in order to see its application and to help businesses achieve vital improvements in their competitivity based on sustainability as a competitive advantage. Telefonica will take park in the second session about the marketing of sustainability, focusing above all on the market perspective.

Lanzarote, October 19 – 20, 2017


Data Science Awards Spain

Synergic Partners, the consultancy firm part of LUCA, has recently reopened the register for the Data Science Awards 2017. The award ceremony is taking place for the second consecutive year with the aim to highlight the work of Big Data professionals, the most exciting business initiatives and data journalism. The event hopes to boost the analytical talent of Spain.

October 5th, 2017


The Third National Forum of OVB Touristic Communication

This is an event with presentations about communications, creativity, branding and the impact of the technological revolution in the tourism industry. In turn Mario Romero Junquera, Head of Business Development at LUCA, will speak about the role of Big Data in the sector.

September 28, 2017


The Trip Information System (TIS) Launch 2017

This event is about technical talks and workshops with contributions from Highways England, Jacobs, The Campaign for Better Tranport and more. Where the attendees would find out how transport consultancies, regional and local authorities can harness the advantages of the TIS. There will be also a TIS Workshop host by Tim McHugh, Telefónica Smart Steps’ Global Product Manager followed by the opportunity to discuss the afternoon’s finding with all the attendees and contributors.

September 27, 2017


Digital Innovation Day 2017

Telefónica Germany will host the fourth edition of Digital Innovation Day at the Eisbach Studios in Munich. This year, as a designer of the digital future, Telefónica will present a 360 degree vision of its portfolio, in which we will see the best solutions for a connected world. From LUCA, Marta García Moreno will be giving a demo of LUCA Fleet.

September 27, 2017


TIC Forum 2017

The TIC Forum 2017 will take place for the first time in Mexico, where the participants will have the opportunity to get to know more about technologies such as IoT, Big Data, CyberSecurity and Cloud Services. In turn LUCA´s successful cases will be exhibited in a forum where new technology and telecommunication trends are together in the same place.

September 26, 2017


The Third National Congress of Road Safety and Disability

This Third Congress, and within the panel of “The management of traffic and road security. The need for the continued advancement in the management of Traffic” will hold a meeting made up of Sr. Moreno Garcia-Cano, the Subdirector of DGT, and other attendees amongst which Mario Romero has also been invited, the Business Manager of LUCA, the data unit of Telefónica. 

September 22, 2017


Leadership and STEM Challenges Conferences

The aim of the “Conferences on Leadership and STEM Challenges: #LiDES” is to stimulate in women an interest in a research or business career; through leadership. The event will see Elena Gil, CEO at LUCA, speak about the process of digital transformation.

September 21-22, 2017


Bitkom Privacy Conference

Bitkom Privacy Conference takes place in the 19th of September 2017. It brings together more than 200 field experts and academia to tackle challenges in managing privacy. Jonathan Ukena, Head of the Data Anonymization Platform (DAP) at Telefónica NEXT, will be one of the speakers.

September 19th, 2017


IE Customer Analytics Workshops

IE University will be hosting a series of workshops on the 15th of September with the focus of Datafication. It will be started of with various start ups giving their innovative ideas in the field followed by a presentation by our Head of Go-to Market Miguel Ángel Diez Rincón.

September 15, 2017


DM Exco

DM Exco is a digital marketing exposition and coference that enables visitors to experience disruptive trends and defines the business potencial of tomorrow.

September 13th, 2017 – September 14th, 2017


Sport and Big Data as catalysts for development

The event organised by BID will discuss topics relating to sport, technology and the analysis of data. LUCA CEO Elena Gil will explain the relevance and power of Big Data in various areas.

September 5, 2017

LUCA Events

Changing the Game with Big Data BCN

Our “Changing the Game with Big Data” event showcases some cutting edge case studies from the transport, tourism and retail sectors, showing the diversity of our product portfolio.

July 13th, 2017


“Smart” Murcia

“Smart” Murcia is an event organized by the leading regional newspaper “La Verdad”, the event will deal with Big Data and Smart Cities. LUCA CEO, Elena Gil, will be one of the experts on the panel to give her insights to this workshop.

July 6th, 2017


6th Annual Big Data Monetisation for Telecoms Summit

Leading operators have the opportunity to join the only event in Europe designed exclusively to support growth in the industry, providing with the tools and knowledge neccesary to transform the use of big data.

June 27th, 2017 – June 29th, 2017


V Workshops surrounding technology and new emergencies

The general management and security department of the Canarian government is hosting the fifth edition of the extensive talks about technology and emergencies. This event will include insights from LUCA.

June 21th, 2017


O2’s Digital Leadership

Robery Franks, 02Digital Director,presented some exciting developments coming up in the next few months including real-time insights, cross-network messaging and integrating new data sets.

June 20th, 2017



The 4th edition of CMS AUTO FINANCE FORUM’s main obejective is to bring a global vision surrounding the car finance industry and it’s future. Mario Junquera, head of business development and presales at LUCA, will participate in a panel debating the new era of mobility and TICs.

June 14th, 2017


Revolutionising Industry Through the Power of AI

Place to discuss, network and understand how Artificial Intelligence is changing the Enterprise ecosystem. What do intelligent machines mean for the future of industry? How is this leading to a data driven 4th industrial revolution which will change the way big business works?

June 14th, 2017 – June 15th, 2017


4º Edition Puremobile

The fourth edition of Puremobile is focused on the digital transformation through the use of mobile phones by businesses. The event is attended by the CEO of LUCA, Elena Gil, providing the audience with her experiences and innovative ideas in terms of mobility.

June 8th, 2017


OpenExpo 2017

The objective of OpenExpo 2017 is to spread, discover and evaluate the industry trends and solutions offered by Open Source and Open World Economy (Open Data y Open Innovation).

June 1st, 2017


Strata + Hadoop World

Strata + Hadoop World is one of the largest conferences of its kind in the world, with a specific focus on how data can be used to shape critical decisions across disciplines and industries, from finance and smart cities to retail and government.

May 22nd, 2017 – May 25th, 2017

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