Improve energy efficiency rating

Energy Cost Savings

IoT, Big Data,
in perfect tandem

Service aimed at large and medium businesses who
wish to optimise their energy consumption.


Telefonica helps to manage the energy consumption of their clients through the Energy Efficiency Solution. This achieves not only the optimal energy management, but also important savings on their bills. LUCA Energy analyzes all the information collected by the platform’s IOT sensors and applies a series of machine learning algorithms. This has the objective of improving the energy optimizing abilities of the service as well as other value-added services that enrich the service to the client.

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  • Reducing energy consumption by identifying consumption anomalies that will be reported by alerts.

  • Showing the client consumption patterns than can correspond with a bad use of devices by employees or maintenance.

  • Improving the response time of equipment repairs through detecting problems in advance.

  • Forecasting future energy consumption costs.