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Data Stories

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We’re passionate about finding the stories behind data. Our team of Data Scientists regularly carry out ad-hoc analyses to find the most surprising and engaging insights behind the great volumes of information out there.

Data Stories

Data analysis for sustainable movement plan for Distrito T

How do the workers in Distrito Telefónica move? The global Telefónica environment is designing a plan of sustainable movement for Distrito Telefónica. Data scientists of Big Data for Social Good from LUCA came together, supporting the analysis of data which provides objective understandingof how how the workers of Distrito Telefónica move around on a daily basis.

Data Stories

Open Data responds: How much do firefighters spend on saving kittens

We break down how much London firefighters spend on saving animal lives by challenging our hypothesis against a null. The greater size and availability of open data on public services allows us to analyse patterns and models that we can use to calculate cost savings that impact citizens and their environment.

Data Stories

Cycling in the city? Analysing Cyclist Safety in Madrid with Excel

Using simple descriptive analytic tools from biciMAD, we are able to establish the most common types of cyclist accident- ranging from a double collision to a bicycle fall. We are then able to isolate various fields and characteristics, such as location, to gain a deeper and quicker understanding on the specific information we want to know.

Data Stories

Mobility Data to improve transporation in Germany

Telefonica NEXT uses mobility data to analyse movement patterns and add value to transport planning. It detects the movement behaviour of different regions and different sizes of catchment areas. The use of mobile network data can benefit those in charge of public transportation and urban planning as well as developers of new forms of mobility.

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