Data Speaks

Data has the ability to tell many stories, but people are not always able to hear them. At LUCA, we carry out a wide range of projects to let the data speak, democratizing data and allowing people to hear these stories so that they can learn and act upon the insights they gain.


Our “Data Speaks” blog acts as a spokesperson for data, telling the stories and insights behind the data generated every day in our digital world. Our blog allows us to let the data speak.

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Big Data for Social Good

Many of us are familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for 2030 by the United Nations. Increasingly more companies and organizations are willing to help in achieving these goals. Research has shown that companies with Big Data are especially relevant to contribute to the SDGs. The diagram below shows examples of this.


At LUCA, we believe in using our own internal data as well as combining it with external data to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals with the overall objective of having a wide social impact. We are currently collaborating on the following projects:

  • Profuturo – using data analytics to improve digital education for primary school students in developing countries.
  • OPAL – Open Algorithms to support the Department of National Planning in Colombia. The aim of the OPAL platform is to unlock the potential of private data for social good in a privacy-conscious, scalable, socially and economically sustainable manner.
  • Predicting diseases – through a collaboration with UN Global Pulse, we want to investigate whether we can predict the spread of diseases like Dengue and ZIKA in Colombia.

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Data Stories

One way of telling data stories is to actually take some data, combine it with other sources, perform analytics and visualize it. If we gather data which is relevant at a certain time, then we can tell powerful stories with much public interest.

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