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What is IoT: Solutions and future applications
Artificial Intelligence Big Data IoT

What is IoT: Solutions and future applications

23 Apr — Blog LUCA
Can Artificial Intelligence understand emotions?
Artificial Intelligence Big Data

Can Artificial Intelligence understand emotions?

17 Apr — Blog LUCA
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Hoy @TE_GranEmpresa ha presentado las medidas que llevará a cabo en sus tiendas física de la mano de la tecnología de @onthespot. Juntos ayudaremos a prevenir posibles contagios de Covid-19.

22 May

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Using data to manage emergency situations

Do you cycle in the city? We analyse cyclist safety in Madrid

Using data to manage emergency situations

Using data to manage emergency situations

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Learning Pills event
27 MAY


Learning Pills: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Do you want to know what implications and opportunities Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) can offer your company and the retail sector? On May the 27th at 9:30AM CET, Alvaro Capell, head of Big Data & AI Business Development for the retail sector at LUCA, offers us a session where he will introduce and review the different concepts, types of projects and professional profiles related to these technologies.

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LUCA Talk Webinar


LUCA Talk: The transformation of Retail in times of coronavirus: challenges and solutions

In 2020, The retail industry had already entered a critical period of global transformation with the aim of integrating the digitalization of spaces into its business. But, is the situation of coronavirus accelerating this change or the opposite, will customers stop going to stores to only buy online? Javier Lorente, CMO of Telefónica On The Spot Services, and Álvaro Luna, Retail Industry Lead, will tell us all in the next webinar.

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Six Challenges for the Sustainability of Artificial Intelligence


Data as a Force for Good


How to create a Bot easily


Do you know the difference between neural networks and deep learning? And predictive modelling? If you’d like to learn more about terms like these, check out our essential glossary of terms on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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Big Data puts an end to queues in museums
3rd December, 2019
El País
Can the quality of a product be predicted before it is manufactured?
1st December, 2019
Antena 3 Noticias
Is it possible to teach ethics to a machine?
26th November, 2019
El País
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