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Businesses, through the use of different communication methods, generate a large amount of data containing very valuable information regarding their own business as well as their digital relationships. LUCA Comms is a communication visualization tool that makes the most of machine-learning algorithms to allow multinational companies to predict and understand the behaviour of communication methods at a global level.

The service is offered on a portal that draws together and analyses multiple sources of communication data using a cloud-based platform. In this way, LUCA Comms helps companies to convert their communications data into usable insights for their business.

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  • Optimization of the communication infrastructures of the business and the reduction of costs through having a better understanding of the business and being able to carry out more accurate actions.

  • Knowing usage patterns and future consumption in order to detect possible anomalous behaviors, and to take decisions in advance that make it possible to better plan business costs and to make available the necessary resources.

  • Contrasting initial hypotheses with real data to provide an explanation of the decisions proposed to Committees and the Management of the firm.

  • Understanding the interaction of the different departments of the business and different headquarters with a view to optimize the various internal work processes and to act as a result to have the best results.