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LUCA Store: We increase the loyalty of customers

Thanks to the Big Data solutions of LUCA, Almacenes TIA in Ecuador can obtain very valuable information about their clients; such as their behaviour within specific areas, their average flows, their socioeconomic level or the frequency of their visits. All of this helps in making decision on where to open new stores as well as improving the user experience at their points of sales and with products more suitable to their needs with the objective of increasing customer loyalty.

Consulting & Analytics

Optimising distribution with advanced segmentation

PepsiCo found increased performance of one of its key distribution channels in Spain using Big Data. LUCA responded to these needs from an analytical point of view, generating actionable results on a business level. Thanks to the resulting insights of the analytical projects, their interpretation by the business and their integration in the decision making process, PepsiCo has been able to achieve better management of their resources leading to the results seen.


LUCA Tourism: Stimulating the tourist sector in Perú

Due to the large number of tourists which visit the country every year, Promperú sought a greater understanding of the influx of tourists. Solutions like LUCA Tourism offer detailed information about the flow of tourists connected to the mobile platform, and Promperú is able to continue their mission of positioning the image of Perú, promoting it as a commercial and tourist area, with the added value of contributing to the country’s sustainable and decentralised development.

Marketing & Advertising

Data Rewards: We connect the brand with its clients through rewarding them with data packages

The multinational Mondeléz International opted for the Data Rewards solution in its offline version through its global brand of snacks, Social Club, present in more than 5 countries. During their campaign “Perdeu, parou” the brand offered additional connectivity to those who bought a pack of their biscuits and registered on the promotional web page with the activation code found on the pack. In total, more than 48,000 people were rewarded with an average of 660 people every day.

Consulting & Analytics

LUCA Consulting & Analytics: Discovery use cases

Through the Consulting and Analystics services of LUCA, Aki Bricolaje launched a discovery use cases project in 2016 in order to better know their clients, understanding the churn that they had and to adjust measures to help them improve their sales. Orientated around improving the operational efficiency and generating new sources of income, we have carried out various projects which have responded to business challenges presented to the company.


We analyse the profiles and origins of the spectators in Allianz Parque, Brazil

Allianz Parque, São Paulo wanted to know the origin and profile of the spectators at two big events, a football match and a concert, and the flows of people throughout the whole region before and after the events, in order to optimise the management and organisation of the stadium. Thanks to the insights obtained through the analysis and georeferencing maps, they optimised management, increased the satisfaction of visitors and lessened the impact on the town during the events.

Marketing & Advertising

Data Rewards: Pets’s strategic campaign design launch

The company Illumination Mac Guff has based its launch campaign for the movie Petz in Brazil, generating awareness and increasing traffic to the cinemas in a cross-mobile strategy, based on mobile solution Data Rewards that use push notifications and data on geolocation. The results were very successful, with almost 500K video views, and an impact on more than 165K people, obtaining 32 times more results through online advertising than average.

Marketing & Advertising

Data Rewards: We design the institutional brand awareness campaign

The aluminium company Hydro launched an institutional campaign with the Data Rewards solution in Pará, Brazil, with the aim of highlighting the production of aluminium and the work of the population of that region, reinforcing the commitment to the environment. The campaign obtained very good results based on the solution that offers the customer a reward in the form of small data packages when watching the campaign video.


LUCA Tourism: Analysing the tourist profiles in Spain with INE

In this project, the National Institute of Statistics combines the data collected through conventional surveys with insights obtained from mobile data. In this way, the INE aims to respond to the needs that they previously could not meet, such as achieving a greater response rate, reducing costs and expanding the information they produce with demographic data, mobility or origin-destination matrix, to obtain better profiles of national and international tourists in Spain.


LUCA Transit: Brazil optimizes its sustainable urban mobility plans

Several cities and municipalities in Brazil have worked with us to optimize their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, thanks to our LUCA Transit solution based on Smart Steps technology. Through matrices of origin and destination, created through the analysis of aggregate, anonymized and extrapolated mobility data, they obtain mobility flows for the design of these plans, as is the case of the municipality of Guarujá, Jandira, São Paulo and Votuporanga.


LUCA Transit: Designing the urban transport plan for Lima and Callao

Through the project carried out with LUCA, the AATE has been able to know trends and mobility patterns of citizens in the city, thanks to Telefónica’s anonymous mobile data. Thus, they have been able to make better decisions to implement a more efficient mass transport plan in the city of Lima and Callao in Peru, which meets the needs of its citizens.


LUCA Transit: The best transportation plans in Stuttgart

Thanks to the collaboration with LUCA, Stuttgart is able to plan and optimize public transport routes in the city. With efficient planning and anonymized, real-time mobile data, we can obtain continuous information about the general traffic demand, allowing improved planning of mobility systems and the completion of information obtained from manual surveys at longer intervals, therefore saving costs.


LUCA Transit: Optimization of public transport in Hamburg

Telefónica NEXT together with flinc GmbH has carried out a study on the effects of the application of anonymous mobile data to optimize the private transport system in Hamburg. The results obtained have been very useful in aiding intelligent decision making for transport planning, such as the implementation of ferries that streamline journeys and increase flexible mobility, making it more efficient.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging: New Honda CB 125 campaign

The objective was to generate awareness of the sporty design of the motorcycle to a hyper-segmented cluster of urban users who love motorcycles or extreme sports who lived in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba. The campaign had a direct and immediate impact on more than 16,000 users, of which 2,600 clicked on the ad, being redirected to the brand’s website for more information about the launch. This way, an average CTR of 16% was reached, very important above the industry benchmark of 9%.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging: New HR – V Campaign

To generate awareness about the HR-V launch, we sent a short message and interactive message telling more about the new model and calling to a test drive.
We sent the formats in diferent days and night times and with the short message we reached 9.0% CTR – 30.000contacts and with interactive message 8% CTR – 30.000.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging: ‘Free Ice-cream anyone?’ campaign

Ben & Jerry’s campaign has been promoting Ben & Jerry’s new core flavours and offering customers a chance to get some free ice-cream. Customers simply had to click on the URL provided and check out when and where ‘the core flavours’ would be ‘on tour’. We saw a whopping click through rate of 6.4%.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging: Burger King – Combo extra cheddar promotion campaign

A geolocated campaign was carried out with two formats: Short Message from Movistar Ads and Push Notifications, which redirected to landing pages where the discount coupons were. Was pointed to 1 KM radio near the Burger King stores and a teen cluster of men and women under the age of 18 (the brand’s core target).

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging: La Roche Posay for Skin Check campaign

Short message geo localized campaign in Buenos Aires neighborhood where was the mobile clinic inviting the people to make a skin checkup and redirecting them to know all the brands products. Was a very successful campaign with 4.42% CTR, 51% brand recall and 20% conversion after the checkup.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging: Nike – 50% discount promotion campaign

To communicate the discount during the “Buen Fin” season, Nike wanted to reach the largest number of people in the day of the campaign launch. The format “Missed Call” was used because of your massive reach during a certain period. The campaign generated 18.625.561 impressions.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging – New Volvo XC60 campaign

The campaigned aimed to communicate the new Volvo XC60 in Buenos Aires and invite customers to get to know the new product in the dealership. The campaing was segmented to CABA and customers with a high socioeconomic level. We used short messages which redirected them to the Volvo webpage inviting them to know the details in a store.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Display programmatic and messaging: Knorr Naturally Tasty

The objective was showcase Knorr recipe cards and drive people in store to purchase Knorr’s Naturally Tasty. Retargeting mums, pre-school mums, working professionals and families those who saw advertising on display with messaging.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Messaging: IKEA summer sale

Weve identified 2 separate groups of adults aged 20+ living near a selected IKEA store. With the use of geo-fence around selected stores, Weve was able to analyse both groups to see the impact that the promotional message had on driving consumers in-store. The average uplift across promotional stores was 32% more visits.

Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Media Planning: Exxon Mobil

Using SMS missed Call and Caller Programmatic Display, we divided Movistar users who travel by road and have featurephones or smartphones (basic models) that use road and map applications.


LUCA Store: Better understanding clients of La Vaguada Shopping Center

We worked with La Vaguada Shopping Center in Madrid to better understand their clients through the use of insights obtained from the work carried out with LUCA. Through this, the shopping center was able to carry out actions such as changing its communication policy, adapting to the public in order to achieve their objectives and see improved results.

Outdoor Media

LUCA Audience: Brasil OOH map design

LUCA worked with Clear Channel, JCDecaux and Otima with the aim of creating an OOH map in Brazil. The aim of the map is to offer metrics and useful tools so that communication and advertising agencies and the advertisers themselves can plan and evaluate their OOH advertising campaigns.


LUCA Tourism: Powering data-driven decisions in Brazil’s tourism sector

LUCA Tourism working alongside Telefonica Business Solutions and the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, provided data-driven insights for their tourism sector. Smart Steps technology allowed the understanding of tourist behavioral patterns, leading to a more accurate and efficient decision-making process based on data.


LUCA Tourism: understanding the visitors at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid

Thanks to the collaboration of Telefonica as a sponsor of the Reina Sofia museum, an analytical study has been completed using the following exhibition as a starting point “Pity and Terror in Picasso. The Path to Guernica”, in which the applicability of Big Data translated to the possibility of exploiting thousands of data points generated by visitors during the exhibition, in order to improve the visitor experience at the museum.


LUCA Transit: Monitoring Quito’s metro users

We are working together with both the Quito City Council and the BID to better understand the movement and behaviour of the metro users of Quito. This has been made possible through the SmartSteps technical solution, it allows us to analyse anonymised mobile data to predict the movement of various groups of people throughout the city.


LUCA Transit: Enhancing transport planning

We are working alongside transport planners Jacobs to give them access to aggregated and anonymised data sets to allow them to instantly tap into rich streams of live, active data. We are able to tell them when and how people have travelled across the country not to mention a wealth of other demographics as well. The study gave Jacobs a wider knowledge to advise clients on exactly which schemes they should go forward with.


LUCA Tourism: Balloon’s Festival Event Planning

Working alongside Telefónica Mexico, we carried out a mobile data study to understand population movement, demographic profile and tourist attraction to the municapility of León during the Balloon Festival, which took place from the 18th to 21st November 2016. The study gave key metrics on tourist catchment, visitor hotspots and the home location of national tourists – enabling the city council to optimize thier decision-making ahead of the 2017 festival.


LUCA Transit: Mobility planning for Neuquen

Using mobile data insights, we helped the city of Neuquén (which has the highest population density in Patagonia in Argentina) to gather data on people mobility flows around the city, focusing on peak times (for example, when people go to banks or schools), providing a key input in planning integrated urban mobility. This project was pivotal in designing a new public transport system and the new Intelligent Metrobus route.


LUCA Store: Benchmark, Drive Footfall & Increase Convertion

Working with our Big Data and Advertising team in Ecuador, we provided an integrated solution which used three customer data collection tools. We used mobile data insights to obtain information of mobility flows in cities; 3D counters to identify people who visit shopping centres as well as a intelligent WiFi solution to locate hotspots within the same shopping centres.


LUCA Transit: Urban Mobility Analysis

We worked with the UK Foreign Office, Atkins, FDI Pacífico, the city of Cali and Telefónica Colombia to evaluate and identify opportunities to work renovate the Corredor Verde in Colombia. We analyzed urban mobility using mobile data, including the quantity of journeys generated between the areas of analysis, looking at when people travelled and what their journey purpose was.


LUCA Tourism: Understanding tourists at Las Fallas festival

We worked with the City Council of Valencia to help them understand tourism to their “Las Fallas” festival, visualizing our mobile data insights with CARTO. Our analysis allowed them to compare the number and demographic profiles of visitors in 2014 and 2015 – providing unique information on both national and international visitor catchment. We also provided an analysis on how people moved around the city during the event.


LUCA Transit: Optimizing the traffic in Newark & Sherwood

Newark & Sherwood council had a traffic congestion problem, which wasn’t only affecting people’s journeys but was also having an impact on local businesses. Using anonymised aggregated mobility data, we delivered detailed information about the movement patterns of vehicles and the profiles of drivers to the District Councils. Thanks to these unique insights, they design a timetable for improving the local transport network.


LUCA Store: Retail Footprint Insights

We worked with Morrisons, a leading UK supermarket chain, using Small Cell technology over a 20 week period across several of their stores. Our solution allowed them to understand the digitality of customers, shopper missions, affluence, repeat visits as well performing a catchment analysis – providing insights which were previously not available with more traditional data capture methods.

Outdoor Media

LUCA Audience: London Underground Media Insights

We have worked alongside Exterion Media to enable an extensive digital transformation in their data strategy. With LUCA Audience, we have enabled them to move from selling panels to selling people, providing groundbreaking insights on their audiences in London.


LUCA Transit: Rail Demand Analysis

We carried out a market share study for train company East Coast Main Line to enable them to understand their market share on specific routes between the south and the north of the UK, using our mode analysis methodology. This shift from traditional market research to mobile Big Data was extremely well received by their retention and insights department.


LUCA Store: Store Location Strategy Analysis

We used our LUCA Retail product to help O2 UK to optimize their retail footprint with Small Cell technology. We provided insights on footfall near stores and demographic profiling, enabling them to rethink their opening hours and store location strategy.


LUCA Store: Retail Site Location Planning

Natura were set to open a series of new retail sites and therefore wanted to understand where were the high potential areas in terms of pedestrian traffic and demographic profile. We used our Smart Steps platform to provide these insights in the city of São Paulo allowing them to be take their decisions based on cutting-edge data sources.

Marketing & Advertising, Retail

LUCA Sponsored: Black Friday for Netshoes

Netshoes were keen to promote their mobile app around the Black Friday period so we decided to help them take a data-driven approach. We enabled Vivo customers to access their app and website, without using any of their data allowance. Sales grew by 60% in the first few hours of the campaign and mobile visits increase by 176% during the first 2 weeks of the campaign.


LUCA Transit: Paraisópolis Favela Mobility Analysis

We have worked with the World Bank and the University of São Paulo by gathering Smart Transport Card data, mobile app data and data from a range of telecommunications carriers to investigate the mobility patterns of people living in Paraisópolis, a favela area with approximately 55000 inhabitants in the city of São Paulo.


LUCA Tourism: Royal Palace Visitors Analysis

We worked with Patrimonio Nacional on a project for the Royal Palace in Madrid to help them understand the behaviour of national and international tourists during the Christmas period of 2014 and 2015, as well as comparing tourist profiles between their attractions and other prominent tourist hotspots.


LUCA Tourism: Moto GP and Formula 1 Tourism Insights

The city council of Granollers was keen to understand the impact of Formula 1 and Moto GP races at the Montmeló racecourse on tourism in their area. We provided catchment and profiling insights allowing them to optimize their strategy to attract more visitors more longer stays in the future.


LUCA Tourism: Transforming the Flower festival in Girona

The city council of Girona wanted to have a better understanding of national and international tourist behaviour and catchment for their annual Flower Festival. Our tourism product allowed them to gain insights on a much greater sample size than traditional surveys in a more agile way, enabling them to optimize their marketing strategy to attract more tourists the year after. They have worked with us now for two years in a row.


LUCA Transit: Zaragoza Demand Analysis

As leading innovators in urban planning and public transport analysis in Spain, the Zaragoza Transport Consortium decided to use LUCA data to create OD matrixes to understand urban transport demand in the city, as well as demographical trends.

Financial Services

LUCA Account Takeover Protection: Online and Mobile Banking of Lloyds Bank

We reduced Account Takeover related fraud associated with online and mobile banking account transactions which rely on one time passwords to your mobile. We rolled out an opt in service for their customer which allowed the bank to carry out checks for ATO indicators, reducing the impact of fraud dramatically in their organization.

Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising

LUCA Sponsored Data: Bradesco’s Mobile Banking App

We worked with Bradesco, one of Brazil’s leading banks, to migrate customers from traditional offline channels to the mobile banking app. Our Sponsored Data product doubled their download rate from 200k to 400k as well increasing the number of active mobile banking users by 10 to 25% – making Bradesco’s app the number one downloaded mobile banking app in Brazil.

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