Optimization of Iberostar tourist hotel services

Insights to optimize geomarketing and eCommerce processes, adding value to the different areas of the company.

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Thanks to our Crowd Analytics solutions, we have collaborated with Iberostar to provide insights on their current and possible clientele to optimize geomarketing and eCommerce processes, adding value to the different areas of the company.


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About Iberostar

Iberostar is a global Hotel chain with more than 120 properties in Europe, the Caribbean and Cuba. For more than 60 years, Iberostar has been a leader in international tourism, spanning a total of 19 countries. Their two main operating areas are Chiclana and Marbella in southern Spain, where many of their customers are from the capital, Madrid.

The Story of the Project

At LUCA we developed this tourism project whose objective was to advise Iberostar on their current and potential clients who move around the properties and nearby area. By gaining a better profile of the crowd mobility, including their psychographic profile, their origin and how they move around Madrid, Iberostar gained important information to help inform two lines of activity.

The first line of work was geomarketing where Iberostar was able to use the insights to redistribute sales teams to travel agencies in areas where there was a high proximity of potential clients. This gave Iberostar a role in the industry due to a distinct advantage with respect to other chains and services that would attract the potential customer profile in the area. Secondly, LUCA analytics optimized their ecommerce processes by achieving a greater personalization of audiences through identification of customers tastes, hobbies, geographical areas, consumption habits... of not only current customers but external audiences too.

The challenge

Optimize processes for hotel services

Thanks to LUCA Crowd Analytics solutions, Iberostar achieved a better knowledge of the profiles that move in and around the hotels, making its service more efficient and personalized.

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Optimize processes for hotel services

The results

Optimization and personalization of hotel services


Deep understanding of current clients, including their psychographic profile, how they move, tastes, hobbies, origin and consumption habits


Insights into potential new clients


Optimization of geomarketing and ecommerce strategies


Leading example of Big Data application in Tourism


At LUCA, we work with all sectors by offering an extensive range of products and services adapted to each industry from unique business insights based on anonymized and aggregate Telcom data from +350 million customers in our mobile network to digital transformation projects using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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