Big Data Analysis of the exhibition "Piety and Terror in Picasso: The Road to Guernica".

Understanding visitors in the Museum

Reina Sofía Museum big data analytics

Thanks to the services of Consulting and Analytics, the Reina Sofia Museum was able to better understand the behaviour of visitors who attended the exhibition "Piety and Terror in Picasso: The Road to Guernica".





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About Reina Sofía Museum

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía opened its doors in 1990 with the intention of capturing contemporary Spanish art in the context of the wider international scene. Its collection consists of more than 20,000 works created between the end of the 19th century and the present day.

The story of the project

Our team were able to apply big data analytics to exploit thousands of data points generated by visitors to the exhibition "Piety and Terror in Picasso. The Road to Guernica". The exhibition celebrated the 80th anniversary of its creation and the 25th anniversary of its arrival to the museum.

The project represented the first Big Data study carried out in a Spanish museum, which included internal data from the five months of the exhibition (from 5 April to 4 September 2017) and external sources such as social listening, meteorological data, economic status and travel data, in order to detect new patterns in the behaviour of visitors to the Museum.

The Challenge

Understand the behaviour of visitors to the Picasso exhibition

To date, insights and data on visitors to exhibitions or any museums have been based on opinion polls and statistics. The project aimed to improve the operational efficiency of the Museum by discovering patterns of behaviour that would help to identify and define the visitor in a more comprehensive way. Big Data incorporates new elements in the study of the public, as it uses tools that allow the analysis of an immense quantity of data and the management of different sources of information.

The results

Here we highlight the results obtained


We helped detect new patterns of visitor behaviour, thanks to the use of various sources of information, both internal and external (meteorology, social listening, holiday calendar and mobility data offered by the Smart Steps solution).


We measured the social and economic impact of the exhibition on the Museum's zone of influence.


Thanks to the insights extracted from the analysis, the Museum's decision-making has been enriched so that the experience of future visits will improve, and the impact of the museum will be greater.


Examples of insights: One in two people who passed through the zone entered the museum; the exhibition became a driving force for economic activity in the area, with an 18% increase over the previous quarter.


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