LUCA Transit: Mobility Plan for Neuquén

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A Quick Look

Using LUCA Transit, we helped the Municipality of Neuquén, the area with the densest population in the Argentine Patagonia, gather information on the flows of movement of the people in the city to plan the city’s integrated mobility and design the new public passenger transport system as well as the route for the all-new Smart Metrobus.


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About the Municipality of Neuquén

The City of Neuquén has a population of 245,000 and, along with the municipalities of Plotter and Cipolletti, it’s the area with the densest population in the Argentine Patagonia with 341,300 habitants. Considering these characteristics, the municipality is on the cutting edge of innovation wanting to use the technologies available to enhance residents’ quality of life.

The Project

Using Big Data tools through the Smart Steps platform (an insights solution that uses anonymous aggregate mobile data), LUCA analyses the traffic data trends and patterns to find out more about consumers’ behaviours. The traffic data are enriched with demographic and behavioural information including the sociodemographic, residential and employment location, information on visitors’ aims, age groups, gender and other attributes to assess profiles and do sophisticated segmentation.

The Challenge
It is the area with the densest population in the Argentine Patagonia, which is a major challenge when designing and encouraging the city’s Smart City model.

The solution
LUCA Transit

The Challenge

Optimizing transport and mobility in the city of Neuquén

The City of Neuquén had no source of information to collect data on the flows of movement of the people in the city, mainly during peak hours such as banking and school times. Thus, LUCA offered the city a solution that would perfectly adapt to the Smart City idea the Municipality was hoping for.

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A new mobility plan for Neuquén

The Results

Some of the main results of the project have been:


Better organization of public transport planning in the city as desired by the Municipality of Neuquén.


The capacity to measure and classify the flow of travel in the city.


Establishing attractive areas for transit.


Determining trends with regard to population flows.


Supporting the route for the all-new Metrobus service.


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