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Milpa Real

Thanks to LUCA's solutions for FMCG, Milpa Real has been able to improve its mobile campaigns and ensure the effective transmission of its Brand.


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About Milpa Real

Milpa Real is a Mexican brand of Grupo Bimbo that manufactures, distributes and markets toast, tortilla chips and packaged corn tortilla wraps.
Grupo Bimbo S.A.B. de C.V. is a Mexican multinational and the largest baked goods company in the world with operations in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Bimbo is mainly developed in bread sector, with particular focus on sweet bread, sandwich bread, hot dogs and hamburgers. In this sector it controls approximately 90% of the world market. It also has a share in the confectionery and snack sector.
Bimbo's main competitors have been companies such as Wonder, Breddy, Lido, Sara Lee, Mrs. Smiths and Hostess (many of which have been acquired by the multinational). A strength of Bimbo is that in Mexico, they are the number one company, and it is estimated that an average Mexican spends about $131.6 dollars per year on products of its brand.

The Story of the Project

Following the completion of the Royal Milpa campaign using the Data Rewards format, a Brand Lift study has been carried out with the aim of measuring the effectiveness of the campaign, identifying whether it contributes to brand awareness, assessing whether it is memorable and communicates the most relevant associations of the brand and, finally, determining whether the campaign shows a purchase intention.
The results obtained were truly amazing, with respect to the variable brand awareness, the exposed group was positioned 5.5 p.p. above the group that did not see the campaign, which means that the group that viewed the campaign through the Data Rewards format, acknowledged having heard about the brand to a greater extent than those who did not see it. As for the variable of online advertising recall, the uplift between the two groups is almost 19 p.p. in favor of the group that visualized the campaign, that is, this group can recall the advertising of the brand more than the group that did not see the campaign.

The challenge:
Improve brand awareness, online brand recall, brand association with Mexican culture and purchase intent through the Data Rewards format.

One of the points that most interested the brand was the association of its product with the Aztec culture, so knowing how both groups behaved with respect to the variable of message association was important. The result was excellent, the exposed group scored almost 11 p.p. higher with respect to the control group who did not view the toast campaign.
Kantar Millward Brown stated in the study that Milpa Real's campaign managed to exploit brand awareness in order to motivate people to increase their intention to buy this brand of toast, which was reflected in the score of 4.8 p.p. above the control group.

The Solution:
LUCA Marketing and Advertising Solutions.

The Challenge

Improve brand awareness through the Data Rewards format.

Milpa Real through its video "The flavor of being Mexican", aimed to associate Mexican culture with its brand of toast. After viewing this video through the Data Rewards format, the user had to answer a question at the end of the video, which contained the main message that the campaign wanted to convey, and that users had to answer correctly to receive their data package.

The Results

We accompanied Milpa Real in their mission to improve their mobile campaigns.


We have ensured an improvement in brand awareness by the group exposed to the campaign.


We have ensured a better online advertising recall.


The intended association of message has been reached.


Brand awareness has been exploited to motivate people to increase their purchase intention.


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