Sierra Nevada: The First Smart Ski Resort in Spain

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A Quick Look

The LUCA Consulting & Analytics department developed this project to determine the possibilities of analysing data to enhance skiers’ experience at Sierra Nevada. To do so, the ski resort users were categorized based on their behaviour on the trails.





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About the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Ski Resort is a reference in tourism management and socioeconomic development with its efforts in sustainability and environmental protection and conservation. Enclaved in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, it is of unique beauty with priceless natural value that has always been respected and cared for by Cetursa Sierra Nevada as part of its heritage.

The Project

The project has made it possible to explore everything from resort users’ behaviours, skier profiles, ski pass buying patterns, age, origin and frequency of the use of ski lifts to the total time people stay at the ski resort. The inclusion of Big Data analysis is key to enhancing any company’s results.

The Challenge
The LUCA Consulting & Analytics department developed this project to determine the possibilities of analysing data to enhance skiers’ experience at Sierra Nevada.

The solution
LUCA Consulting & Analytics

The Challenge

Understanding the profile of the users of the ski resort

The Sierra Nevada Ski Resort needed to gain more in-depth knowledge of their user profile and trail usage patterns. The aim was to enhance the user experience.

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Sierra Nevada: a smart ski resort

The Results

Just by studying data from the most recent months, this project has already been able to:


Predict user behaviour: to make personalized recommendations that can significantly enhance the user experience.


Create a new user classification based on their experience.


Identify patterns of use of the different ski lifts at the ski resort to gain more in-depth knowledge of their user profile and the use of Sierra Nevada trails.


Make personalized suggestions that match each skier’s needs.


Identify new services that could be added to Sierra Nevada such as viewing the real-time occupation of all trails or waiting times at the different ski lifts and even generating personalized recommendations for each user based on their profile.


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