Digital transformation within the company

A global strategic Assessment to provide the organization with the necessary levers to develop a data-oriented strategy

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Thanks to the Consulting and Analytical services, we were able to help the company in its digital transformation process; preparing a Big Data Assessment and identifying analytical use cases that respond to business needs.








About Naturgy

Naturgy is a multinational group, a leader in the energy sector and pioneer in the integration of gas and electricity, a leading sector in Latin America and Spain, present in more than 30 countries, with more than 18 million supply points, an installed power of 15.5 GW and a diversified mix of electricity generation.

The Story of the Project

We assisted Naturgy in its Digital Transformation process, starting with a global strategic Assessment to provide the organization with the necessary levers to develop a data-oriented strategy, allowing the company to position itself as a leader in its sector.
The project was divided into four axes: Technology: evaluation of the current Big Data platform to provide a reference architecture on which to implement use cases

Organization: defining an organizational structure capable of supporting the internal data governance program. People: evaluation of internal skills with the purpose of offering them a training plan using the Tshape methodology. Business: evaluation of the current level of analytical maturity and identification and prioritization of new use cases.
The analysis allowed the execution of these 4 use cases.

The challenge

Enabling the company to make decisions based on data

Execution of a project that defines the strategic plan for transformation into a data-oriented organization. This forms the first step to develop a Center Of Excellence (CoE) that can respond to the needs of centralization, both of all initiatives of analytical nature and of organizational needs present in the organization, as well as the execution of uses cases of greater impact. In this way, it is possible to develop the digital transformation within Naturgy, whilst considering the ongoing initiatives present within the organization.

The results

Elaboration of Big Data Assessment and development of use cases.


Design of a new organizational model as well as the definition of new operational processes.


Evolution and enrichment of the current Big Data infrastructure.


Identification, selection and prioritization of Analytical use cases resulting in the execution of 4.


Evaluation of Big Data capabilities resulting in a CDO Training Program.


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