Design of the strategic campaign for the launch of The Secret Life of Pets

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Illumination Mac Guff
Big Data in the Cinema Industry

Thanks to Data Rewards, our mobile advertising solution that maximizes branding, performance and conversion results, the animation studio Illumination Mac Guff achieved 32 times higher results in its campaign to launch the film "The Secret Life of Pets" in Brazil.


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About Illumination Mac Guff

Illumination Mac Guff is an internationally recognized animation studio based in Paris. Among its most famous productions are Despicable me, Minions, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing. They are also in charge of all the marketing actions that support the launch of each film.

The Story of the Project

For the launch of The Secret Life of Pets in Brazil, Illumination Mac Guff used a mobile cross channel strategy, based on our Data Rewards solution, a solution that offers the customer a reward in the form of small data packets for interacting with the brand. Firstly, the trailer was broadcasted to a potential customer who had profile of someone who likes films.

To reinforce the impact, push notifications were sent out the day of the premiere to all those who had seen the trailer, encouraging them in the message to buy tickets online. Thirdly, geolocation data provided insights into those that had passed by the movie theatres where the film was being released and were also targeted by advertisements.

The challenge

Efficient use of mobile advertising to bring more traffic to physical cinemas

The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness and bring more audiences to the physical cinemas, something that is becoming more and more complicated due to the great offer of simultaneous entertainment platforms which are on offer today.

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The campaign results for the launch of The Secret Life of Pets with Data Rewards

The results

A result 32 times higher than the average in online advertising


475,000 video views


45,000 clicks on notifications


164,000 people targeted by geolocation


46% increase in recall rate


16% increase in purchase intention


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