Selection of points of sale for the expansion strategy

Key Big Data solutions to define the location of new points of sale in line with the company's expansion strategy

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Thanks to the Big data and insights obtained from the LUCA Store solutions, Benjamin a Padaria, the bakery chain in Brazil, has obtained relevant information of where to open new points of sale and make better decisions for its expansion strategy.


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About Bejamin a padaria

Benjamin a Padaria is a chain of bakeries in Brazil founded in 1942 and characterized by family tradition and commitment to quality in their products. With several stores in São Paulo, the company is in the process of expanding since 2016, with the goal of creating the first national network of bakeries in the country, and the vision to launch the brand abroad.

The story of the project

The project consisted of helping in the commercial strategy of expansion of the bakery chain Benjamin to Padaria, in Brazil. The company needed to know the patterns of movement of potential customers and their purchasing power within some of the regions in which they wanted to open new stores. Thanks to the team at Vivo Empresas, the B2B segment of Telefonica Brasil, and LUCA, we collaborated with the Benjamin A Padaria chain to apply the Big Data LUCA Store solution and obtain more relevant insights, with which to make better decisions about where to open new points of sale.

The information has been extracted from anonymised mobile data which has been extrapolated and aggregated and from our customers as a Telco company. We then combine it with data from external sources and our own customer data thanks to the analysis of six stores in the chain. In this sense, we have analyzed the flow of groups of people in different time frames with average family income in the area and consumption potential of these groups.

The Challenge

Selecting the best locations to open new stores of the bakery chain

In a company's strategic expansion plan, it is essential to know and select the best areas to open your company's new point of sale. To do this, companies not only need to identify their target audience and potential customers, but also to know which areas or zones can connect with this audience.

Through the insights obtained from the Big Data solutions based on the Crowd Analytics platform, the company can understand the mobility patterns of groups of people in different time bands, the average family income in the area and consumption potential of these groups.

The results

Relevant insights for better decision making when defining the best locations for your points of sale in your strategic expansion plan, such as:


The flow of groups of people in each area in different time frames


The areas of highest traffic in each subject area


The potential consumption of these groups and the average family income in the area


How many people passed in front of the store, and how many of those entered the bakery


The sales conversion rate in relation to the attractiveness of the shop windows


Identification of the most suitable areas to open stores in the strategic expansion plan


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