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We offer solutions for the entire retailer value chain: point of sales location, benchmarking, customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty.


We help you overcome your business challenges with greater customer knowledge, internal process optimization and risk and fraud prevention.

Industry 4.0

We help you reduce costs with operational efficiency projects including production line, manufacturing, distribution and sales planning.


We help you optimize infrastructure and transport system planning with more knowledge of travellers, timetables and routes.

Culture and Sports

We help you enhance user experience and spaces with greater knowledge of visitors and athletes, internal process, facility optimization and sensor systems.

Mass Media

We offer everything you need to attract your audience through analytics and customer segmentation, Smart content and mobile advertising solutions.

LUCA is recognized by Forrester Research as the leader in insights generation

Leaders in insights generation

Forrester Research, one of the largest market study companies in the world, has certified us as insight supplier leaders.

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Our success stories
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LUCA Messaging: Philadelphia Special Promotion Campaign

LUCA Messaging: Philadelphia Special Promotion Campaign
Outdoor Advertising

LUCA Audience: Media Insights from the London Underground

LUCA Audience: Media Insights from the London Underground

Data Rewards: Designing the Strategic Campaign for the Release of Pets

Data Rewards: Designing the Strategic Campaign for the Release of Pets
All our success stories
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We guide you through the digital transformation process with one key objective: to extract information from data to generate differential value all while understanding your business needs and the data you have.


We offer training for your professionals on new Big Data methods and technologies so they may be used as the foundation for your company’s digital transformation.

Data Analytics

We process data and apply algorithmic models to convert data into business knowledge so you can make the best business decisions.

Business Insights

Our tools are designed to get valuable insights that allow companies to make the right decisions based on data. But, do you know exactly what the word "insight" means?

Marketing and Advertising Solutions

We help you reach your marketing and sales goals by segmenting and customizing for your audience.

Tools and Infrastructures

We know companies need solid, reliable and flexible platforms and tools for proper implementation and scalability of Big Data and AI projects.

We’ve earned our customers’ trust

Carlos Ugaz Montero

Executive Director of AATE

"With real information on trends, mobility patterns, needs identification and target user segmentation, we can make better decisions in order to implement an integrated mass transportation system in the city and to make all projects more efficient, which benefits everyone."

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Tommy Muhvic-Pintar

Director of Sales and Marketing at Clear Channel

"The Clear Targets platform allows us to understand our audience and segment in accordance with the industry, preferences or affinity each of our advertisers are looking for. It’s an innovative Big Data product that helps us stand out, stay one step ahead and offer a new product for ad hoc marketing campaigns."

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Jesús Hernandez

Assistant Director of the La Vaguada Shopping Centre

"With collaboration from LUCA, we’re beginning to include the insights obtained which help us have long-term information in our strategy. These data include market share, our visitors’ behaviour and other data we couldn’t get before with surveys and conventional techniques alone."

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Learn about the opportunities offered by the Big Data application in projects for the social good, which help to achieve sustainability and achieve SDGs 2030.
Using Data for Social Good

Find out about the current opportunities that exist with the application of Big Data to projects for social good that help achieve sustainability and discover different projects underway aimed at reaching the UN goals for 2030.

We identify possible actions to address the challenges of AI and the ethical and social challenges posed by the use of technology
Six Challenges for the Sustainability of Artificial Intelligence

Find out about the ethical and social challenges involved with the use of this technology and what’s expected in the future. We also identify various possible actions to overcome the challenges of AI.

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Big Data puts an end to queues in museums
3rd December, 2019
El País
Can the quality of a product be predicted before it is manufactured?
1st December, 2019
Antena 3 Noticias
Is it possible to teach ethics to a machine?
26th November, 2019
El País
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Big Data and AI event
30/4 NOV/DEC



The CDO LATAM SUMMIT is back in 2020! Topics to be discussed during this year's event include the use of data at a strategic level, the economic impact of data on business, the transformation of the analytical culture, the development of data management in the organization, and digital governance for the public sector. Among the panelists will be Luis Benatuil, CEO of Telefónica Ecuador.

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Big Data and AI event


AI Business Congress

Don’t miss the AI business congress 2020! As we continue to adapt to a new world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role that Artificial Intelligence plays in all our daily lives is becoming increasingly important. During this online event you will hear from experts in the world of Artificial Intelligence who will discuss topics such as the future vision of Artificial Intelligence and the AI ecosystem. Amongst the speakers will be Fernando Bocigas, Product Director at Telefonica IoT & Big Data.

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26 Nov

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Deep Learning and satellite images to estimate the impact of COVID19
Artificial Intelligence Big Data IoT

Deep Learning and satellite images to estimate the impact of COVID19

23 Nov — Blog LUCA
How should you speak to children about Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence

How should you speak to children about Artificial Intelligence?

20 Nov — Blog LUCA
The Smart Train – The key to future sustainable mobility
Artificial Intelligence Big Data

The Smart Train – The key to future sustainable mobility

5 Nov — Blog LUCA
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Big Data and AI to improve people’s quality of life

Giving back the value of data to society in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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